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The Insight Library is getting an upgrade. Learn about the upcoming changes.

June 17, 2021
Evan Knight

As we seek to provide you with insightful research to deliver effective marketing, we also strive to make it more convenient for you to access our case studies. 

By the end of June, we will be rolling out an enhanced version of the Insights Library. We are excited to share with you the upcoming updates:

Web-based case studies with richer media. When you click on the case study you’ll see it open on a new web page instead of a usual PDF pop-up. You’ll be able to watch a YouTube ad or TikTok video right on the page and easily share a case study with your teammates.

Easy PDF download. We know it’s convenient to have a case study handy in a PDF document. It will be one-click-easy to download case study slides right from the page.

Enhanced search. The updated search function will include our podcasts and videos in addition to all 250+ case studies.

Streamlined custom research. You can now send us a custom case study request right from the library if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Your login credentials will remain the same and you'll have access to the same complete archive of our research. 

We’ll be rolling out the changes at the end of June but don't hesitate to reach out to our customer success team if you have any questions. We’d also love to hear your feedback! We’re building the Insight Library to be better for you every day.

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Evan Knight

Evan is the COO at RightMetric. You can follow him on Twitter @knightmetric.

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