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Finally, an on-demand service that helps you get the audience & competitor insights you need to fuel great strategy—quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

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Meet a unique new model for delivering critical insights that fuel great strategy.

Free yourself from the shackles of expensive software and non-actionable traditional market research—unlock speed and scale. Discover RightMetric’s Research-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution, an entirely new model built for ambitious marketing and insights teams.

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On your audience & competitors

Leveraging reliable, 
pre-vetted data from the world’s best marketing intelligence data providers.

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Fast, & only when 
you need it

Speed matters immensely with insights, and they’re often needed last-minute. With RaaS, that’s no problem.


Unique subscription model

That scales up and down with your needs, for less than the cost of a single employee.



Let’s talk about how RaaS can make your life so much easier!

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The cheat code to your perfect strategy.

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Identify whitespace
to target new and existing audiences
Optimize media mix
By benchmarking competitor ad spend data
Inform your targeting
with deep audience insights
See what’s not working
in competitors’ funnels
Verify assumptions
plan strategy with confidence
Move 3x faster
get insights fast, move onto execution
For less than
the cost of a single junior team member
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Partnering with RightMetric has been pivotal in improving our client's media strategies

Gemma Philpott
Associate Director of Strategy

Benchmark competitors’ media mix. See what’s working & not working

Explore Advertising Channel Scan™ →
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Complete funnel teardown of your top performing ad competitors

Explore Ad Funnel Teardown™ →

Inform targeting & improve ROAS on with holistic targeting insights

Explore Audience Profile™ →
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Benchmark competitors to find competitive whitespace channels

Explore Competitor Snapshot™ →

Identify key growth drivers for the fastest growing brands

Explore Activation Teardown™ →
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Find the messaging themes truly resonating with your audience

Messaging Map™  →

RightMetric’s ability to seamlessly understand the DNA of a partner brand and their consumers, while providing strategic insight allows my team to focus on moving fast without hesitation, which is key in today’s business environment.”

Martin Brüeckner
Global Head Spots Communications
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Insights To Optimize Targeting, ROAS, & Media Mix.

With on-demand research, fully customized to your needs.