Making Marketers' Lives More Calm & Confident.

Less chaos, more calm. RightMetric is building the world’s best library of data-backed case studies to inform digital strategy.

Our Mission

Make our customers’ lives more calm & confident

Marketing strategists have tough jobs. They need to share a story, be authentic, make sales, master dozens of disciplines & make them all work together. We take a straightforward and truthful approach to sharing insights that lead to confident decisions. Buzzwords and fluff are our worst enemies.

Work in a way that supports freedom and fulfillment

A lot of us are fed up about the BS at work. Unfair pay, inflexible hours, lack of transparent decision-making, institutionalized chaos. No workplace is perfect, including ours, but it’s our mission to make life at RightMetric as calm, fair, and fulfilling as possible.

Our Values

Strong Beliefs, Loosely Held
Build & Rely On Systems
Radical Candour
Be Human
Passion for the Internet + Marketing

Our Leaders

Charlie Grinnell

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Evan Knight

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