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Whether you’re looking to create highly-engaged content, optimize investments, or build high-impact partnerships, our comprehensive insight solutions unlock the most effective ways to reach your target audience and outmaneuver competitors.


Here are the ways RightMetric empowers leading brands and agencies to thrive by deeply understanding their audience and competitors.

Content Insights

How do you inform a powerful messaging strategy and create more successful content? By understanding what your audience cares about. That’s evergreen. Layer on tactical insights into the platforms, themes, and formats that are working to generate engagement and audience growth today—content strategy, done and dusted.

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Social Media Insights

Social moves at the speed of tech and culture. How to keep up? By keeping your finger on the pulse of your audience’s online behaviour and preferences—where they spend time, what they engage with, who influences them. Throw in a few step-by-step breakdowns of relevant brands already driving massive growth with the same audience and you have your up-to-the-minute playbook to win on social.

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Influencer & Ambassador Insights

Impact starts with influence. Use our insights to identify the creators, YouTube channels, podcasts, email newsletters, and websites that already influence your target audience; with metrics to prove it. Then tweak the design of your ambassador program by breaking down what’s working and not working for top competitors. The perfect partners + effective activations = winning.

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Digital Advertising Insights

Digital advertising is 10x harder than it was back in the golden years. The targeting “easy buttons” are gone, CPMs and CPAs are higher, and the audience’s BS meter is higher than ever. The secret to advertising success in a post-lookalike world? Deeply understanding your audience (to inform targeting, creative, and messaging; by understanding what makes them tick) and keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s working for the most effective, ROI-positive advertisers in your space. We’ll do the heavy lifting on insights—giving media buyers, creatives, and strategists their superpowers back.

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Retention &
Loyalty Insights

Brands that focus only on new customer acquisition are fading away. The model is broken. Winning brands are focusing on building owned media. The caveat? It is not easy. That’s where we come in. RightMetric’s research can provide an understanding what’s working and not working as a foundation of your strategy for community, loyalty, and retention programs.

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Omnichannel Insights

Need a starting point for your strategy to reach a new audience, launch a new product, or just gain a holistic understanding of your digital landscape? Look no further. RightMetric’s omnichannel research reports provide a high level view of your target audience, competitors, and uncover the key whitespace to leverage.

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