Meet a unique new model for delivering critical insights that fuel great strategy.

Free yourself from the shackles of expensive, blindspot-ridden software and time consuming desk research—unlock speed and scale. Discover RightMetric’s Research-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution, an entirely new model built for ambitious marketing and insights teams.

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On your audience & competitors

Leveraging reliable, 
pre-vetted data from the world’s best marketing intelligence data providers.

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Fast, & only when 
you need it

Speed matters immensely with insights, and they’re often needed last-minute. With RaaS, that’s no problem.


Unique subscription model

That scales up and down with your needs, for less than the cost of a single employee.



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The data-driven sidekick to spark your creative genius.

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Identify whitespace 
to reach new and existing audiences
Inform effective content
with deep audience insights
See what’s working & not working
for competitors
Verify assumptions 
plan strategy with confidence
Move 3x faster
get insights fast, move onto execution
For less than 
the cost of a single junior team member
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The window into whitespace opportunities is superb. To get this level of insight into tactic and content takeaways is invaluable — love it!

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Mark Stuart
Senior Social Media Analyst

Stay on top of where your audience is spending time

Explore Social Whitespace Map™ →
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Identify platform-specific content whitespace for your audience

Explore Social Content Opportunities™ →

Identify key growth drivers for the fastest growing brands

Explore Activation Teardown™ →
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Identify the content creators your audience is most engaged with

Explore Influence Identifier™ →

Find the messaging themes truly resonating with your audience

Explore Behavioural Content Ideation™ →
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