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We help businesses (and the humans who run them) make smarter decisions using internet data.

Our core values inform everything we do.

If there is no wind, row.

We aim to be the best in the world in every aspect of what we do. Perfection isn’t possible, but constant improvement is.

Strong beliefs, loosely held.

We have strong opinions, but are always willing to revise them when faced with a compelling argument.

Be radically candid.

We always deal in an honest, direct, and transparent way.

Take the work seriously, but never take yourself too seriously.

We’re all human. Let’s have fun while we kick ass.

Trust and prosper.

Everything we do is based on trust. We treat each other like adults. No one looks over anyone’s shoulder.

Our Vision

The world’s best companies lean on digital intelligence to make the best possible decisions for their customers, shareholders, and world.

Our Mission

Help brands make smarter decisions using data.

We Work With Some of the World’s Top Brands

We partner with business leaders to help drive growth. Our insights are 
grounded in objective methodologies that help provide direct and 
practical business recommendations.

“Providing unique services to brands is one thing but to seamlessly 
understand the DNA of a partner brand and their consumers is an entirely different challenge. RightMetric’s ability to do just that, while providing strategic insight allows my team to focus on moving fast without hesitation, which is key in today’s business environment.”

Martin Brüeckner

Martin Brüeckner

Global Head of Sports Communications

“RightMetric has been very helpful in measuring and developing coaching tools for our sponsored athletes, effective in aiding to craft our athlete marketing strategy. I’d recommend them to any business interested in up-levelling their strategic approach.”

Fergie Cancade

Fergie Cancade

Director, Global Athletes & Ambassadors

“My entire career has revolved around using data to understand customers and markets to gain a competitive advantage. In this realm, no analytics or research vendor can do what RightMetric does. Their team will provide you with insights on WHY things happen in a way that you haven’t seen before. You’d be lucky to work with them.”

Andrew Donaher

Andrew Donaher

Managing Director, Data and Analytics

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