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Hear from RightMetric customers about the digital growth challenges they’ve faced. From better competitive intelligence, to keeping up with shifts in audience behaviour, find out how we helped them implement solutions, fast.

How Lululemon Powered +80% YoY Ecommerce Sales Growth With Insights.

Being the category leader in a category you yourself created is a great “problem”...

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How Red Bull Owns Topline Awareness With Billions Of Insight-Driven Video Views.

Being the pioneer and leader in a category you originated brings both benefits and challenges. Red Bull faced a similar scenario as the forerunner in the energy drink industry, and pioneer of the approach of creating an online media empire to fuel topline awareness and brand affinity.

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How ATB used insights to outmaneuver the big 5 banks and increase traffic +64% YoY.

Have you ever heard of a brand that’s both a big fish in a small pond, AND a small fish in a big pond? Weird right.

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Saje's $15 Million Secret to Digital Wellness

How Saje Natural Wellness used marketing intelligence to shape strategy, 2x site traffic, 1.4x conversion and 3x...

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How Thrive Digital Used RightMetric's Insights to Win $10+ Million of Incremental Media Spend in Under 8 Months

In under 10 years, Thrive Digital grew to be Canada’s largest independent performance media agency; serving clients like Snapchat, Uber, Asana, and Coinbase.

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