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Case Studies 💡

How PayPal uses Segmentation and Personalization in Email Marketing to Drive Customer Retention

More does not always mean better, get a glimpse into how the payment giant differentiates itself with email marketing.

How Chime used Social Media Contesting and Influencer Marketing to Grow its Instagram Audience

Many brands focus on growing their Instagram audience, here's how the youth-focused financial institution did just that.

Unpacking the Impact of the Facebook Advertising Boycott by Canada’s "Big Five" Banks

The advertising boycott made headlines around the world, but how did these financial giants adjust their marketing mix?

Scotiabank's Approach to Targeting High Net-Worth Clientele

How product positioning and a strategic approach can separate your brand from the rest of the pack.

How Wells Fargo Adjusted its Facebook Ads Strategy in Response to COVID-19

From pausing spend to switching creative assets and more, learn how the American bank pivoted to increase efficiency.

Saje's $15 Million Secret to Digital Wellness

How Saje Natural Wellness used marketing intelligence to shape strategy, 2x site traffic and 3x eCommerce sales.