Research and insights that help marketers look outside their own four walls.

Powered by world-class data.

RightMetric is a subscription-based research & insights provider that helps marketers create and refine a more impactful digital strategy, informed by evidence.

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Market leading brands use RightMetric’s insights to power digital strategy.

A comprehensive source of insight to inform your most important digital decisions.

RightMetric offers subscription-based access to research & insights that increase confidence and the speed of decision making in all the most important areas of digital. See for yourself below.

Our Research

Inform the right content creation to grow your audience faster.

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Choose the best channels to break through the noise.

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Identify opportunities to strengthen your execution.

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Better strategy, powered by evidence.

Marketers and insight professionals at leading global brands use RightMetric to inform their strategic decisions about digital.

Pricing that’s transparent and cost-effective.

Our plans are designed to be the most comprehensive and cost-effective insights solution available on the market, when compared to other providers.

Some early fans

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RightMetric’s ability to seamlessly understand the DNA of a partner brand and their consumers, while providing strategic insight allows my team to focus on moving fast without hesitation, which is key in today’s business environment.

Martin Brüeckner, Global Head of Sports Communications

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“My entire career has revolved around using data to understand customers to gain a competitive advantage. No analytics or research vendor can do what RightMetric does. Their team will provide you with insights on WHY things happen in a way that you haven’t seen before.

Andrew Donaher, Vice President, Digital & Analytics

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Kate D testimonial headshot

RightMetric’s work helped us understand where Vancity stood in relation to our competitors online, which allowed us to reconstruct the best elements of their strategies to push our social and digital to the next level.

Kate Drance, Marketing Manager

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Samantha R testimonial headshot

“The depth, creativity and holistic nature of RightMetric’s analysis was highly insightful and supported the development of our new marketing strategy. Their insights informed our approach to the largest new product launch of the year and resulted in our highest sell through - ever.

Samantha Rayner, Director of Marketing

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