Using Contests to Gain Instagram Followers For CBD

April 1, 2020

Key Findings

Competitors are using free product giveaways on Instagram to generate awareness and build their audience: Both NuLeaf Naturals and CBDistillery saw significant spikes in weekly follower growth and far above-average post engagements when posting simple product giveaways requiring entrants to tag friends and follow their account. 

What Brands Should Be Thinking About

Consider running giveaways and engagement-based contests on Instagram to build your following and educate about key products: Cross-promote the giveaway on other social channels to increase reach, and consider implementing a similar contest format - simple and low-cost to run, and easy for new audiences to enter and get involved.

CBDistillery saw +477% and +456% increases in average weekly IG followers in May and June after running giveaways contests aimed at generating awareness for new product releases and bestsellers.

IG Followers Gained Per Week

These two dramatic increases in weekly followers came as a result of CBDistillery running simple, easy to enter giveaway contests intended to build product awareness and reach new audiences - which received post engagements that were +1544% and +1155% above account average.

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Similarly, NuLeaf Naturals saw a +580% increase in average weekly IG followers in July after running a giveaway following a near-identical contest format.

IG Followers Gained Per week

The primary driver of this spike in weekly followers came as a result of NuLeaf running a giveaway contest to reinvigorate their IG following after several weeks of below average post performance, which generated +162% more engagements than their account average.

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