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August 23, 2021

Key Takeaways

Rumpl, an American outdoor blanket brand, was built to create technology-based, high quality blankets for the world in an untapped market. From May to July 2021, organic search accounted for 27% of traffic to the site and saw an increase of +47% in traffic generated from the previous period. Rumpl uses a mixture of their own content and user content tactics to tap into their organic search strategy:

  • In-House Content — Creating Pages to Match Searches: Rumpl has built a wide variety of collection pages to provide an answer to every search query. Top organic ranking collection categories include people looking for the technology in blankets, activities they can use their blankets in and collaborations based on their interests.
  • User Content — Gathering and Building Reviews: Rumpl has a strong SERP ranking due to accumulating over 1K reviews on their products. They use a program called Yotpo to sync reviews made on the website directly into Google Reviews as an easy way to increase user-generated content on the website and Google.

Rumpl, an American outdoor blanket brand, was built to create technology-based, high quality blankets for the world in an untapped market. Expanding over the past few years, Rumpl’s organic strategy has flourished due to a range of original and user content that both contribute to building a strong domain presence online.

From August 2020 to July 2021, Rumpl has generated an average of 97K website visits a month, seeing a large increase in November due to Rumpl being featured on an episode of Shark Tank.

Rumpl - Web Traffic

From May to July 2021, organic search accounted for 27% of traffic to the site. Rumpl saw an increase of +47% in traffic from organic search compared to the previous period. 

Rumpl - Web Traffic from Organic Search

From May to July 2021, Rumpl saw the majority of organic traffic generated by branded keywords (84%) opposed to non-branded (16%). 

Rumpl - Branded vs. Non-Branded Keywords

Maintaining a majority of branded keywords on the site has enabled Rumpl to host an average of 3.1K monthly keywords. 

Rumpl - Number of Keywords

The top organic pages for Rumpl in May to July 2021 fall into the following categories:

Rumpl - Top Organic Pages

Product landing pages are hubs for a range of products that can be purchased from a website. These usually fall into a theme such as size, technology, use-case.

Rumpl - Product Landing Page

Information pages provide context on the general company and FAQs related to products. These pages tend to provide backstory and help to customers.

Rumpl - Information Page

Product display pages have an item that a user can explore. These pages tend to showcase more detail on individual products and their features.

Rumpl - Product Displays

Collection pages rank the most (46%) because of their intent based structure that feature three main categories of pages: 

Rumpl - Collection Pages

Technology-Based Searches

Rumpl’s main value proposition is the element of technology that is incorporated into their blankets. Many people search for specific downs, fabrics and qualities of blankets for which Rumpl has a respective landing page with detailed descriptions.

Rumpl - Technology-Based Search

Activity-Based Searches

Visitors come across Rumpl by searching for different activities they may need a blanket for such as ‘camper van’, ‘hiking’ or ‘travel’ blankets. These types of activities have been segmented by Rumpl and built into category landing pages.

Rumpl - Activity-Based Search

Collaboration-Based Searches

Interest based searches are driven by Rumpl’s robust collaboration collections that vary across different industries and creators. The titles, descriptions and content of these collection pages also rank for searchers looking for those brands.

Rumpl - Collaboration-Based Search

Rumpl ensures that content is always available for any relevant event that has passed in relation to their brand. After being featured on Shark Tank in November 2020, a landing page was created to give viewers a peak into the episode and demonstrate which products were featured. Seven months later, Shark Tank related searches are still in Rumpl’s top ten keywords into July 2021.

Rumpl - Shark Tank currently has four main SERP features the domain is ranking for. Reviews are the largest ranking feature at 1K. 

Rumpl - 4 main SERP

Reviews are ranking on Google through Rumpl’s use of Yotpo, a system that has a partnership with Google to integrate reviews written directly on into Google Reviews. This feature positively affects higher rankings and trust built between the seller and Google. Incentivising reviews becomes a low effort way to build user content on websites that strengthen the SEO strategy.

Rumpl - Google Reviews

Rumpl makes reviews easy with many filters previously loaded for people to comment on instead of having to think about what to say. Visitors can also ask questions that customer experience or other buyers can reply to. 

Rumpl - Review

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