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August 23, 2021
Financial Services

Key Takeaways

Content Messaging — KOHO Continuously Invests in Enriching its Blog with Relevant Content. For the content to unlock an organic traffic flow to the websites, companies need to keep their content area relevant and up-to-date. KOHO simultaneously generates two content streams where each delivers on its own objectives:

  1. The blog is designed to help prospects organically discover KOHO while searching for answers to various financial questions.
  2. FAQs section is aimed at current clients who are searching for solutions to specific issues about their KOHO account.

Nevertheless, both content streams support the brand's SEO efforts.

SEO — By Investing in Content Production KOHO Gets the Following Benefits:

  1. Regularly enriching website with relevant content helps to build domain authority
  2. SEO content keeps working even after you paid for it
  3. It enables brands to run value-added search ads and target a broader range of keywords that lead to blog pages

KOHO has seen year-on-year traffic growth reaching an all-time high of 235K monthly visits in June 2021.

Organic search has been the main traffic driver (46%) to koho.ca followed by direct visits.

KOHO has been actively amassing new keywords between 2019 and 2021.

The brand has been capturing more traffic from non-branded keywords enabling native discovery by new audiences.

KOHO attracts traffic searching for “metal” and “virtual cards”

Top 10 keywords:

Branded Keywords

  • koho
  • koho login
  • koho card
  • koho careers
  • koho financial
  • koho visa
  • koho credit card
  • koho sign in
  • koho bank
  • koho canada

Non-Branded Keywords

  • virtual card
  • metal cards canada
  • canada metal credit card
  • prepaid visa card canada
  • redlining in canada
  • online bank savings account
  • crb
  • rbc royal bank
  • metal credit card canada
  • prepaid visa

The brand maintains two content areas on its website — one (/blog) is designed to deliver on SEO and enable discovery by prospective clients and the other one (/FAQs) is called to provide help to existing clients and support SEO efforts. Both sections live under the same “Learn” heading in the main website navigation.

KOHO has accumulated ~200 content pieces in the blog.

Articles explaining what is a virtual card and providing more information about KOHO attract the highest share of the inbound organic traffic. 

Examples of the top-performing content pieces based on traffic share:
Blog post #1, Blog post #2, Blog post #3, Blog post #4, Blog post #5

Overall, the Learn section attracts 28% of all organic search visits to koho.ca 

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