Top Performing Content Buckets Q3 2021 on YouTube | Financial Services

July 27, 2021
Financial Services

The top content buckets for the Financial Services industry in Q3 2021 on YouTube are as follows:

1. Report Debriefs

Best Practices

  • Videos are typically longer in length ranging from 10 minutes to over an hour.
  • Gather 2+ financial professionals to discuss the topic.
  • Use slides and screen recordings from video communication software to enable discussion.


  • Search for topics relevant to your customers and their interests.
  • Show your audience that you care about their financial intelligence.
  • Let your audience know how these learnings directly impact their investments with you.

ER30: 0.02x

ER30: 1.9x

ER30: 0.7x

2. Best Financial Practices

Best Practices

  • Videos are typically 20 minutes.
  • Include a question in a YouTube video thumbnail to increase video views.
  • Feature a specialist talking to the audience using graphs & references on a screen.


  • Educate your audience in ways that will help them use your services.
  • Bring personality into your organization with charismatic hosts.
  • Tie your services into the main point of the story and show how you can help.

ER30: 0.01x

ER30: 0.2x

ER30: 3.7x

3. Storytelling with Product Application

Best Practices

  • Videos are typically 15-90 seconds
  • Tell quick stories about using a financial product.
  • Try to make your content relatable with celebrity or influencer collaborations.


  • Feature a storyline that is on brand with your business.
  • Use comedy, heartfelt stories or strong personalities to make it relatable.
  • Feature your product or service directly in the video, organically.

ER30: 0.3x

ER30: 1.1x

ER30: 1.7x

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