Top Performing Content Buckets Q3 2021 on TikTok | Food & Beverage

July 27, 2021
Food & Beverage

The top content buckets for the Food & Beverage industry in Q3 2021 on TikTok are as follows:

1. Fan Comedy

Food and beverage companies tapping into fan content created to tell jokes about people’s experiences and relationships to the brand.

Best Practices

  • 9:16 Ratio Videos
  • Encourage fans to share their experiences with your product by asking questions and setting up giveaways.
  • Repost as user-generated content and give credit to the original creators.


  • Create banter in your caption to build a relationship with the creator.
  • Think about common trends you’re seeing in UGC and how it can be leveraged.
  • Find what your audience thinks is relatable and funny to build into a social strategy.

Likes: 81 | Views: 843

Likes: 19.3K | Views: 112.6K

Likes: 25.4K | Views: 144.5K

2. Team Visibility

Food and beverage companies involving their team in videos to give a more personal and direct touch to their content.

Best Practices

  • 9:16 Ratio Videos
  • Show the people behind your brand to give more context to who does what.
  • Keep the content fun and exciting with Q&As and behind the scenes videos!


  • Speak from the team to the audience.
  • Give your audience the opportunity to engage and ask questions.
  • Aim to tie it all together with new initiatives or transparency for your followers.

Likes: 35 | Views: 645

Likes: 115 | Views: 1.3K

Likes: 11.8K | Views: 159.8K

3. Embracing the Unexpected

Beverage brand Blk water leveraging shock value with unexpected combinations for their product.

Best Practices

  • 9:16 Ratio Videos
  • Find unexpected ways to create content.
  • Work with creators who are known for their unusual style.


  • Use the comments to leverage the versatility of your product.
  • Encourage others to try out unique recipes and ideas with it.
  • Always tie it back into your unique value or offering.

Likes: 554 | Views: 4.6K

Likes: 1.9K | Views: 22.3K

Likes: 3.9K | Views: 48.5K

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