Top Performing Content Buckets Q3 2021 on LinkedIn | Financial Services

July 27, 2021
Financial Services

The top content buckets for the Financial Services industry in Q3 2021 on Linkedin are as follows:

1. Social Awareness

Best Practices

  • Single Image Posts
  • Celebrate and honour special months throughout the year. 
  • Include colours, logos and branding associated to the initiative.


  • Show your audience that you’re invested in diversity and inclusion.
  • Talk to members of the community your supporting and make sure to elevate them through your channels.
  • Do your research to make sure you avoid rainbow-washing for Pride month and other initiatives. 
ENG: 225 | Post #1, ENG: 193 | Post #2, ENG: 100 | Post #3

2. Introducing Interns

Best Practices

  • Single Image or Video Posts
  • Amplify your summer internship program to give visibility to your new recruits.
  • Create graphics or videos to demonstrate visibility for your new arrivals.


  • State what you’re excited about from the variety of people joining your team.
  • Use hashtags that show your audience what life at the company is like such as #LifeatAIG
  • Try to use imagery or custom graphics where possible to create a more personal connection.
ENG: 1.6K | Post #1, ENG: 609 | Post #2, ENG: 455| Post #3

3. Embracing the Digital

Best Practices

  • Video or Link Posts
  • Talk about the shift to digital in the business landscape.
  • Tap into your storytelling to build informative content around changing industries.


  • Shed light on digital changes in relation to financial services.
  • Focus on the digital landscape and how you can provide value to your audience.
  • Update your audience on how you’re adjusting to meet changing needs.
ENG: 175 | Post #1, ENG: 24 | Post #2, ENG: 13 | Post #3

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