Top Performing Content Buckets Q3 2021 on Instagram | Food & Beverage

July 27, 2021
Food & Beverage

The top content buckets for the Food & Beverage industry in Q3 2021 on Instagram are as follows:

1. Where to Find Products Locally

Food and beverage companies using reels to celebrate and show their audience where they can shop for their products.

Best Practices

  • 9:16 Ratio Videos
  • Let your audience know where they can buy products in store.
  • Find unique ways to showcase product offerings.


  • Get team members to head to local stores and showcase where products are.
  • Show full range of offerings and flavours for audience members.
  • Get personal with your videos and why people should go and buy!

Likes: 350 | Views: 6K

Likes: 1.2K | Views: 39.7K

2. Giveaways & Contests

Food and beverage companies offering the chance to win unique prizes in return for engagement and shares.

Best Practices

  • Image Posts
  • Partner with other brands or giveaway your own product.
  • Share an image of the contest prize with a captivating caption.


  • Communicate a specific reason for hosting a giveaway such as a new product line launch.
  • Set terms that will enable the audience to engage and share content for extended visibility.
  • Giveaway merch or unrelated branded products to get audience members immersed in brand recognition.

ER: 3.1%

ER: 2.9%

ER: 2.9%

3. New Product Drops

Food and beverage companies using new products for content and to get their audiences excited. 

Best Practices

  • Single Image or Video Posts
  • Put your latest product drops, new flavours and concepts on blast for your audience.
  • Set the stage for clean product photography.


  • Use the caption to bring the new changes to light for your audience to get excited.
  • Let your audience know where and when they can grab the new product.
  • Create a call to action to learn more about the product with your link in bio.

ER: 2.1%

ER: 1.2%

ER: 0.9%

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