Top Performing Content Buckets Q3 2021 on Instagram | Financial Services

July 27, 2021
Financial Services

The top content buckets for the Financial Services industry in Q3 2021 on Instagram are as follows:

1. New Product Features

Best Practices

  • Single Image or Carousel Posts
  • Host a giveaway when launching new features to increase awareness.
  • Use this as an opportunity to direct traffic to your website for viewers to read more.


  • Monitor what your audience is asking for in the comments.
  • Find user comments on previous posts to see what pain points they’re having with your platform and use this a way to introduce a solution. 
  • Demonstrate how the feature works, if possible.

ER: 4.6%

ER: 1.2%

ER: 0.6%

2. Professional Athlete Partners

Best Practices

  • Single Image or Video Posts
  • Partner with professional athletes to reach new audiences.
  • Make the athlete the main visual focus of the post.


  • Provide value for your audience by linking an initiative to the partnership.
  • Encourage viewers to take action or visit a page on your website.
  • Find athletes who you think your audience would be invested and interested in.

ER: 0.9%

ER: 0.7%

ER: 0.5%

3. Tips & Information

Best Practices

  • Single Image or Video Posts
  • Include a link in bio for your audience to read more.
  • Use graphics and branded content to tell a clear story.


  • Use caption space to list out more detail offering advice.
  • Answer questions or problems your audience may have already.
  • Link it back to a problem you’re service or product is solving.

ER: 0.6%

ER: 0.6%

ER: 0.3%

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