Top Performing Content Buckets Q3 2021 on Facebook | Financial Services

July 27, 2021
Financial Services

The top content buckets for the Financial Services industry in Q3 2021 on Facebook are as follows:

1. Exclusive Deals

Best Practices

  • Single Image or Video Posts
  • Reward your audience for using different features of your service.
  • Think about ways you can collaborate with other brands to bring strong incentives to your program.


  • Think about ways you can leverage your current offerings.
  • Create an exciting incentive program that will lead to shares.
  • Tie the incentive back to your product or service for a well-rounded campaign.
Post #1 ER: 0.06%, Post #2 ER: 0.05%, Post #3 ER: 0.04%

2. Sharing Initiatives

Best Practices

  • Link Posts
  • Share your initiatives with your audience.
  • Include a link or image to show how you’re giving back to the community. 


  • Think about an industry or cause that you can support close to home.
  • Build ways for your audience to get involved and feel supported.
  • Always provide backstory on the donation/initiative to show your audience why you’re taking action.
Post #1 ER  4.2%, Post #2 ER: 0.2%, Post #3 ER: 0.09%

3. Holiday Wishes

Best Practices

  • Single Image or Video Posts
  • Amplify upcoming holidays and send best wishes to your audience.
  • Create branded graphics as a message from the company directly to viewers.


  • Research upcoming holidays and make a list of areas to support.
  • Speak directly to your audience and let them know about any effects to your service that day.
  • Do your research to make sure you’re properly representing holidays when building content.
Post#1 ER: 0.3%, Post #2 ER: 0.05%, Post #3 ER: 0.02%

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