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August 11, 2021
Food & Beverage

Key Takeaways

Content Tactic — Show Your Brand Personality: Across all social media platforms, there are various trends that emerge for different content opportunities. The most prevalent trends include:

  • Cooking Videos: These videos often represent different recipe ideas that are presented in new and unique ways to engage the viewer and keep their attention. These cooking videos should directly include the product being sold so that potential and current customers have a clear idea of how they can use your product. Daily meal ideas are also popular, showing people how to incorporate plant-based diets into their routine. Creators are using high quality microphones helps build a wholistic ASMR experience to enhance the sounds of cooking. 
  • Brand Humour: Brand humour is present across most social media platforms that Food & Beverage companies are using. These posts tend to take the product or pop culture events and portray them in relation to their brand in a humorous way. This gives users a clear idea of what the brand is about, their personality and who/what they are paying attention to in the world. Humour-based content is a great way to get your posts shared across social media as well when it is relatable and lighthearted. 
  • Social Justice & Sustainability Initiatives: Today’s consumer is looking for companies to portray well-rounded values from the way they produce their products to the initiatives they support. Many plant-based Food & Beverage services are paying attention to current events and sharing posts to support and raise awareness about important issues. In any representation, ensure that research is done beforehand so all facts, dates and information are accurate and respectfully portrayed online. 

Best Practices — Posting Content: The most notable practices to keep in mind when planning your content are to:

  • Maintain Your Branding: Make sure that your brand logos, colours, font and any other elements remain visible and consistent throughout the content you post. 
  • Give Users Somewhere to Go: Always provide some kind of click-through experience that can expand on your initial post whether that takes them to your website or to a specific landing page/video for your content. 
  • Engage with Your Audience: Open up space for conversations in the comments by asking engaging questions and responding to your audience in a timely manner, especially if they are offering feedback. 

The top content buckets for the Plant-Based Food & Beverage industry in Q2 2021 on TikTok are as follows:

1. Participating in Trends

Finding trending hashtags on TikTok and incorporating your product into the challenge. 

Best Practices

  • 9:16 Ratio Videos
  • Find trending content and create TikToks that participate with everyone else.
  • Make sure your product is easily identifiable in the video. 


  • Show your audience that your hip and not above any trends that fit your brand.
  • Start ranking in those trend’s hashtags and reach people beyond your current followers.
  • Give viewers new ways of using and cooking with your product.

How to Apply

Check out the discover page to see if there are any challenges and hashtags that could be a good fit for your brand. Check out the content that’s currently being produced in those buckets and build a unique spin off featuring your product. 




2. High Quality Cooking Videos

Building unique and engaging cooking videos that have viewers interested in your style and content.

Best Practices

  • 9:16 Ratio Videos
  • Create high quality and engaging content. 
  • Ensure branding is subtly placed throughout to match the video style.


  • Show your audience you can experiment with different angles and new production.
  • Tap into the ASMR community by using good microphones to capture all audio clearly.
  • Build unique mise en place to help emulate certain lifestyles to viewers. 

How to Apply

Build high quality cooking videos that feature clear footage, strong audio and ideal environments. This type of content can lead to aspirational ideas for viewers who can build their dream lifestyle with the inspiration of cooking with your product. 

3. Transitioning to a Plant-Based Diet

Building a safe space for people looking to grow into a plant-based lifestyle. This content provides easy ways to make it accessible for all.

Best Practices

  • 9:16 Ratio Videos
  • Communicate an open-minded message. 
  • Give people a reason to make the change over to a plant-based diet. 


  • Be a part of a potential customer’s transition to plant-based life by creating a supportive page.
  • Build meal plans or ‘what I eat in a day’ videos to give people easy ideas for their meals.
  • Find creators who are known for their plant-based content and partner to expand your reach.

How to Apply

Check your audience’s feedback in the comments to see if there are any areas they are struggling with when it comes to living a plant-based lifestyle or transitioning into one. Provide easy ideas, resources and concepts that can help push and inspire others to enable this. 

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