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April 1, 2020

Since the creation of their YouTube channel in 2015, Endoca has managed to build one of the largest CBD-focused channels on the platform - in fact, it is 1316% larger than the rest of the competitive set… combined. 

Endoca has achieved this by establishing themselves as CBD thought leaders on the platform, investing in evergreen long-tail content aimed at educating and instructing CBD users, which has remained relevant over the long term as new users search for CBD-related content.


Instructional videos showing users how to make their own CBD/Cannabis-related products, such as: how to make CBD oil & gummies, how to plant cannabis, etc. These videos use relevant CBD/cannabis keywords to maintain search visibility long after they’ve been posted.

CBD & Cannabis Information and Education

Videos intended to dispel common myths surrounding CBD, while educating new users about the benefits and science behind CBD and cannabis. These are highly informative, fact-based video that clearly answer common questions around the topic.

It must be noted, however, that despite maintaining a 2020 average of 31K monthly views, both video views and engagements have drastically declined on Endoca’s channel over the past year - decreasing -91% YoY in both categories in May.

This downward trend in Video Views on Endoca’s YouTube channel correlates to a -29% decrease in YouTube search interest for CBD, and a -76% decrease in Video Views for CBD/Cannabis focused YouTube channels.

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