Social Proof, Copy, and Creative For Successful Video Ads

July 1, 2020
Financial Services

Key Findings

Chime leverages social proof from customers and popular media outlets to build trust with potential customers: in ads on Instagram and YouTube, Chime prominently featured positive reviews to instill a sense of trust with target consumers. 

Chime uses a variety of ad copy formats: on Facebook, Chime has tested a variety of ad copy formats, from full sentences and tonal shifts, to list list format using emojis. On YouTube, Chime has used several ad lengths and creative styles.

What Brands Should Be Thinking About

Build trust with target customers through social proof: consider gathering customer feedback and media coverage to be used in ad creatives, ultimately with the goal of more effectively converting customers. 

Test multiple ad copies, creatives, and formats to determine what’s most effective: by testing multiple versions of each ad, you can hone in on which ad type, format, and copy works best based on your ad’s objective and more efficiently achieve strong ROAS. 

After cutting the vast majority of their ad spend in April following the outbreak of COVID-19, Chime Bank has since focused their reduced digital ad spend efforts on Facebook, YouTube, and added Instagram to the mix.

Ad Spend

This renewed focus on social advertising contributed to a +59% MoM increase in socially driven traffic in July.

Web Traffic

Chime’s top Instagram creatives included a review from “Nerd Wallet” to act as social proof.

Top Instagram Ceative
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Chime’s top Facebook ads since April focused on “banking with no overdraft fees” as well as other perks of banking with Chime such as no hidden fees or credit checks.

Facebook Ads
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On YouTube, Chime’s top ads focus on member testimonials and short ads which highlight how easy it is to use Chime and how it is a trustworthy bank.

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