Running Impactful Organic Campaigns Reaching up to 170K Views

September 14, 2021
Financial Services

Key Takeaways

Cash App, Venmo and Chime are Neobanks that focus on cash transfers, bank accounts and credit card offerings. Their social campaigns use three main strategies:

  • Unique Offerings: Cash App launched a social campaign that focused on giving away smaller value swag packs with zines, candles and socks (with a value of $30 each) as opposed to their usual 5-6 figure dollar giveaway. Cash App built a campaign that didn’t rely on a season or holiday (ie. a thanksgiving post) to integrate new concepts and brand engagement. 
  • Relevance and Relatability: Venmo touched on relatability by creating a campaign where viewers can identify with options presented in the post. Venmo related astrology signs to new credit card designs linked to a landing page on the site. The landing page can easily be repurposed and promoted amongst other credit card campaigns Venmo runs on socials. 
  • Partnerships: Chime partnered with two NFL athletes to build a ‘Money Moves’ video series where the athletes share their experiences with finances and goals. The ‘Money Moves’ content was created as a content theme that can be presented on Chime’s feed continuously overtime with new participants.

Cash App, Venmo and Chime are Neobanks that run impactful campaigns focusing on organic channels for a short period of time while fostering high engagement. Their social campaigns use three main strategies:

1. Unique Giveaways

Cash App builds a sense of urgency with a unique giveaway that focused on brand awareness.

Rewarding Engaged Followers

Cash App often runs campaigns giving away 5-6 figure dollar amounts to one winner. To diversify their giveaways and open it up to a larger audience, Cash App rewarded engaged and active Instagram followers by hosting a flash giveaway on a first come first serve basis. 

Instead of giving away a dollar amount, Cash App teased a giveaway centered around merch such as a zine, candles and socks. Fun boxes were limited to 400 winners with a cost of $30 each, for a total campaign cost of $12K to get winners repping Cash App merch.

Cash App built out a custom landing page for users to enter. The page was kept on brand to match the campaign and generated 4.5K visits on the day of the giveaway.

The ‘fun box’ campaign post performed better on average than the ten video posts published within the same time frame with +35% more views and +11% more likes. However the post saw -9% less comments than surrounding videos on average. 

2. Relatable Content

Venmo created a people-based campaign based on relatable content that audiences can identify with. Venmo built a campaign around the designs of new credit cards to align colour combinations with audience member astrology signs. 

Building Relationships

Venmo’s campaign tying astrology signs to their credit card designs is linked to a landing page that gives viewers more detailed information about the cards and how they work. Venmo created ‘relatable’ content that anyone can ask themselves based on their sign and send to others to see what their credit card would look like. 

The landing page reiterates the concept of “you” speaking directly to the viewer. The credit card landing page generated an average of 51K monthly website views from January to July 2021. 

On average, the Venmo credit card campaign post promoting astrological signs maintained the same amount of average comments on the ten posts made within same timeframe but saw less likes by -27%. The campaign landing page’s reach was maximized by using a link in bio to attach landing pages to Instagram posts.

3. Athlete Endorsements

Chime partnered with NFL athletes to create short videos about reaching goals and managing money. 

Building Visibility

Chime partnered with two NFL athletes to build a ‘Money Moves’ video series. Short episodes and bloopers are posted on Chime’s Instagram where athletes discuss setting life goals and how Chime helps them manage and stay of top of finances with the VISA and Chime credit card. 

The videos are short and feature closed captions for increased accessibility amongst viewers. The caption directs viewers to the link in bio.

The link in bio directs viewers to a simple and clean landing page. Chime kept the page simple with only one prompt to get started by entering an email address.

Chime has posted a total of six videos on their feed linking to the Money Moves credit card landing page. Three of the videos represent the finalized version and the remaining videos feature bloopers with the athletes to bring more intimacy into the campaign. 

43.5K Total Views

500 Total Comments

3.8K Total Likes

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