Repurposing Content To Drive Traffic To Owned Media Platforms

July 1, 2020
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Key Takeaway

Optimize long-form video content on social to drive traffic & engagement: Leading global media companies like BBC generate a significant proportion of their website traffic from Instagram & Facebook. The most successful tactic used by BBC to do this is providing a snippet of a larger news or cultural story that’s available on BBC’s owned-channel web app, iPlayer. Platform best practices are used to entice the audience with the snippet and then direct them back to the website or web app to consume the full content.

BBC iPlayer does a fantastic job of re-packaging and optimizing their long-form content for mobile consumption on Instagram, making it seamless for users to consume where they are and raising awareness about BBC’s platform.

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BBC iPlayer uses Instagram stories on their main account for serialized trivia games, wallpaper, and event coverage. BBC integrates the Swipe Up function within these stories to drive traffic to their iPlayer.

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BBC iPlayer also uses similar tactics on Facebook where they repackage long-form content and optimize it (vertically cropped, subtitles, ‘meme-ish’ thumbnails) for mobile consumption to help create awareness and drive traffic to their iPlayer.

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