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January 1, 2021
Financial Services

Key Takeaways

Paid Social Focus — Display Ads: J.P. Morgan is currently focusing their efforts on display advertising, with 66% of their total advertising spend allocated towards this channel. There is a whitespace opportunity for YouTube and Instagram as J.P. Morgan is not investing heavily into these platforms for their Investment and Asset Management services.

Content & Messaging  — Educational Content & Tools: J.P. Morgan aims to provide educational content through their advertisements. For example, as part of their Asset Management display ads, J.P. Morgan advertised their Portfolio Analysis Tool which helps consumers stress test their portfolio. In addition, J.P. Morgan ran a YouTube ad for their “Lending” services which aimed to teach new home buyers about all the considerations they need to make before deciding to purchase their first home as a family.

Providing value via tools or educational content is a great way to increase click through rates and engagement with your target audience. 

Display Tactic  — Running Ads On eCommerce Platforms: In 2020, J.P. Morgan spent $2.3M to advertise their display ads on and As online shopping has doubled during the pandemic, eCommerce platforms are seeing more traffic than ever, presenting a great opportunity for display advertising. 

Paid Social Tactic  — Video Length A/B Test: J.P. Morgan launched three different versions of their YouTube campaign for first time home buyers. The campaign consisted of two short form videos (6 and 15 seconds long) followed by a full-length video advertisement that was 3 minutes and 57 seconds long.

Having both a short and long form video allows J.P. Morgan to re-target users who watched the teaser video (6 seconds) with the full length video to increase view through rates. Viewers who watched the 6 or 15 second video are more likely to watch the full length advertisement since they have engaged with the same type of content previously.

In the past year, J.P. Morgan spent $74M on digital advertising, with a focus on Display and Facebook. 66% of total advertising spend was allocated towards Display ads.

J.P. Morgan - Monthly Advertising Spend
*Geo: USA & Canada

In October of 2020, J.P. Morgan saw a spike in display advertising spend when they launched a $10M campaign for the Marriott Rewards Premier Business Card.

J.P. Morgan - Display Advertising Spend Increase
*Geo: USA & Canada

In 2020, J.P. Morgan spent the most advertising dollars on their business cards (i.e: Mariott Rewards Premier Business Card), followed by consumer cards.

J.P. Morgan - 2020 Advertising Spend

Combined, asset management and investment ads make up 13% ($9.6M) of total ad spend for the year 2020.

J.P. Morgan - Asset Management and Investment Ads

Top display ads for the “Business Card & Consumer Card” category feature a promotion in the form of bonus points (i.e. 60,000 bonus points).

J.P. Morgan - Top Display Ads - Business Card & Consumer Card

Top display ads for the “General Banking” category were in a short-form video format that is under 30 seconds long.

J.P. Morgan - Top Display Ads - General Banking
Ad #1 | Ad #2 | Ad #3

Top display ads for the “Asset Management” category offered additional value to clients by providing a link to a portfolio analysis tool.

J.P. Morgan - Asset Management - Top Display Ads
Landing Page1 | Landing Page2 | Landing Page3

Top display ads for the “Investments” category featured JPST and JHEQX ETFs. In addition, the top site for these display ads was

J.P. Morgan - Top Display Ads - Investments - JPST and JHEQX ETFs
Ad #1 | Ad #2

The top YouTube campaign in the “Lending” category featured Ryan Serhant (a real estate influencer) and taught viewers on what steps they should take before buying their first home as a family.

YouTube Ads
Ads #1, Ads #2, Ads #3

Tactics used in this advertisement include:

  • Diversity: Advertisement featured an interracial, and same-sex couple
  • Educational Content: Taught viewers on what things couples should be thinking about as a family before purchasing their first home
  • Video Length Testing: Allows Chase to re-target users who watched the teaser video (6 seconds) with a longer format video (full length 03:57 minute video)
  • Game/Reality TV Show Format made the video engaging
  • Featured an influencer, Ryan Serhant, who is an American real estate television personality

The top display sites are ($13M total spend for 2020), followed by ($4M) and ($2.9M).

J.P. Morgan - Top Display Sites - Total 2020 Advertising Spend

Online eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay represented a significant portion ($2.3M) of display advertising spend in 2020.

J.P. Morgan - Online eCommerce Platforms Advertising Spend

Overall, the top Facebook campaigns addressed customer’s concerns about COVID-19 including market volatility and quarantine measures.

J.P. Morgan - Facebook Campaigns
Ad #1 | Ad #2 | Ad #3

On Facebook, J.P. Morgan targets their advertising to males, who live in metropolitan cities such as New York, Chicago and Dallas.

J.P. Morgan - Targeted Audiences -  Demographics

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