Optimizing Mobile Search to Drive Grocery Flyer Views

Organic Search & SEO
April 1, 2020

On average, 55% of FreshCo’s web traffic over the past three months has been to their flyer webpage

Looking deeper, 51% of FreshCo’s April web traffic was driven by Mobile Search which is up +52% from March. 

The top keywords for Mobile Search over the past three months have mostly focused on searches for FreshCo’s flyer. This suggests that consumers may be using their phones to look up the flyer while shopping or out of the house.

When searching for FreshCo on mobile, a link to FreshCo’s weekly flyer is prominently displayed in Google’s SERP which leads to a page with a prompt to enter a postal code to find the most relevant store flyer.

When viewing the flyer, users can click on the drop down menu in the top left corner where they can change which store flyer they are viewing, filter the items by discount percent, filter by category, and add items to a shopping list which can be sent to a personal email.

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