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October 1, 2020

Key Takeaways

Media Planning Tactic — Create “Gift Bundles” to Target “Gift Guide” Articles: Lord Jones’ products is often featured in various gift guides from publications such as Vanity Fair, PopSugar, Allure, and so on. Unsurprisingly, “gift guides” is a particularly trendy search term during the holiday months (November and December). By being included in popular gift guide articles, Lord Jones is able to leverage the high search volume for “gift guides” to increase their brand exposure. They also periodically come up with gift bundle products that fit in perfectly with these types of guide guides, making it easy for publishers to choose products to recommend.

Content & Messaging — Reuse Media Articles for Organic Social Content: Take advantage of the media exposure and share media content on various social media platforms. Lord Jones takes screenshots of web articles, often sharing the publication logo and article title, and posts that on their Instagram. The caption then highlights the section where the brand is mentioned. Not only does this add credibility to your brand, but gives customers an added confidence boost in your products, especially if they are a follower of whichever publication recommended your product.

Content & Messaging — Include Media Articles into your Website Content: Lord Jones created a dedicated space for all their press & news articles - doing so provides a similar effect to sharing such content on social media. This also gives the Lord Jones website extra SEO advantages but tying in the Lord Jones brand with publication brands. For example, if a user were to search for “Lord Jones + Popsugar”, not only would the PopSugar article show up, but Lord Jones’ own website would also show up as a search result.

Facebook Ads Tactic — Use Social Proof in Advertising: Lord Jones does not stop at resharing media articles on their website and organic social, they also integrate it with their advertising - in particular, their Facebook advertising. Rather than using the brand’s own ad copy, they’ll quote reviews from various media publications, (ex: Forbes - “Lord Jones’ first-ever face product is a miracle worker in a jar”) and link customers to said products’ product page. Not only does this help promote the product, but it can be used as social proof that, again, lends a trust factor to your brand and product.

Web traffic for Lord Jones has been at an all-time high in recent months (October and November 2020). The only other time web traffic had a spike was in May 2020.

Lord Jones - Web Traffic

In May, Lord Jones launched their “Mother's Day Citrus Blossom Gumdrops” and announced their upcoming partnership with actress Kristen Bell.

Lord Jones - Mother's Day Citrus Blossom Gumdrops - Kristen Bell

In October, web traffic spiked again with the launch of “Happy Dance”, Lord Jones’ partnership brand with Kristen Bell, and in November, for Black Friday.

Lord Jones - Happy Dance - Web Traffic Increase

These spikes in web traffic were largely due to increases in organic search traffic and referral traffic, which is their second largest marketing channel.

Lord Jones - Organic Search Web Traffic

In May alone, web articles around the Lord Jones x Kristen Bell partnership generated over 17K backlinks.

Lord Jones - Kristen Bell
Analysis of 25 top SERP ranking web articles

When the partnership brand, Happy Dance, finally launched in October, new web articles were published, this time generating just under 40K backlinks.

Analysis of 25 top SERP ranking web articles

Aside from the brand name exposure for Lord Jones, each article that was published created a direct web visit opportunity for Lord Jones’ through hyperlinks.

Lord Jones - Articles - Hyperlinks - Direct Web Visit

Depending on the article, there were several ways Lord Jones was able to see a boost in its referral web traffic; the most effective being the direct linking strategy.

Lord Jones - Referral Web Traffic

In other cases, articles might self-refer to another content piece before linking off to affiliate links or product pages.

Lord Jones - Articles - Self-Linking

Another popular method of linking is the direct social post integration.

Kristen Bell - Social Linking - Lord Jones

Aside from articles around the partnership, Lord Jones is often featured in other types of articles, such as gift guides:

Lord Jones - Articles - Gift Guides

Lord Jones knows that gift guide articles are one of its main points of media exposure so they periodically create “gift sets” that perfectly fit into these types of articles.

Lord Jones - Gift Sets

Lord Jones’ products are also featured as product review articles, often containing mentions of celebrities customers.

Lord Jones - Product Review Articles

In fact, Lord Jones’ products are frequently featured in list-type articles about “products used by celebrities.”

Lord Jones - List-Type Articles

Taking advantage of the media exposure, Lord Jones uses these articles in various aspects of its marketing, including their social media.

Lord Jones - Article Screen Captures

For non-article mentions, Lord Jones will use shots of their products paired with soundbites and feedback from other media sources in their captions.

Lord Jones - Non-Article Mentions - Instagram

Media reviews are also featured in their Facebook advertising strategy as a way to provide further social proof for consumers:

Lord Jones - Facebook Advertising Strategy
Ad #1 , Ad #2 , Ad #3 , Ad #4

On their website, lordjones.com, they have a section dedicated to their press exposure:

Lord Jones - Press Exposure

A tactic Lord Jones uses for reposting these articles is to only include the section where they are featured; this keeps customers’ attention focused only on their brand.

Lord Jones - Article Tactics

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