Instagram Mountain Biking Content Opportunity Breakdown™ Q2 2022

April 28, 2022

Key Takeaways

Downhill Mountain Biking Dominates:

  • 3/4 top performing content opportunities showcase downhill mountain biking totalling 26.5M views
  • Trick focused videos performed 39% better than videos without performed tricks.
  • Top performing mountain biking crash videos involve downhill mountain biking.

Red Bull Rampage made up 70% of Red Bull's MTB content in October:

  • When all top performing MTB content  on Instagram was analyzed, Red Bull published 96% of it, from Mar. 2021 to Feb 2022.
  • Red Bull’s IG engagement increased by 125% in Sep. 2021, with 40% of generated engagement involving Red Bull Rampage.
  • Traffic for Red Bull Rampage increased by 1,479% in Oct. 2021, with IG engagement increasing by 19% in the same time period.

Content Opportunities:

1. Downhill Trick(s)

Tricks to Capture the Pic. Videos showcase a rider performing one or more tricks specifically on a downhill bike. Typically seen on a downhill style course such as Red Bull Rampage or Dark Fest.

Tactics to Implement:

  • Short-form Content: When compared to long-form content (3+ Minutes), smaller condensed videos generated the most engagement on instagram.
  • Scale: Camera angles that exemplify the large scale terrain is seen consistently throughout the top performing Downhill Trick(s) videos.

Top Format:

  • Video Duration. 32 & 26 seconds.
  • # of Hashtags. 6& 8



2. Slopestyle Tricks

Tricks to Capture the Pic. Videos showcase a rider performing one or more tricks on a slope style bike specifically. Typically on a slope style course built specifically for events such as Red Bull Joyride.

Tactics to Implement:

  • Unique Courses: Riders will create their own courses and shoot videos specifically on said course. This content performed the best for slope style related content.

Top Format:

  • Video Duration: 22 & 16 seconds.
  • # of Hashtags: 6 & 5.



3. MTB Crashes

Tricks to Capture the Pic. Videos showcase riders falling off or crashing their bike while on a course or specific trail. These are often shown in the “Behind The Scenes” posts for official rider videos.

Tactics to Implement:

  • Fast Crashes: In every MTB Crash video, the physical act of crashing occurs within the first 3 seconds of the video.
  • Follow-Up: Top performing MTB Crash videos consistently show the rider successfully completing the feature, after the initial crash footage at the start of the video.

Top Format:

  • Video Duration: 27 & 22 seconds.
  • # of Hashtags: 8 & 8.



4. Downhill Highlights

Tricks to Capture the Pic. Videos showcase riders progressing through a trail or course in a montage styled format or single highlight. These videos specifically do not showcase any rider performing tricks.

Tactics to Implement:

  • Montage-Format: These videos will show multiple angles of one, or multiple trails, the rider progresses through.
  • People-Focused: Within the montage format, camera angles focus heavily on the rider as they progress through the trail or course, along with human moments like talking to other riders or celebrating.

Top Format:

  • Video Duration: 32 seconds
  • # of Hashtags: 37 & 11



Red Bull Bike published 96% of the total content in the top performing Mountain Biking posts on Instagram. Given this distribution, any posts that could have lead to a change in traffic are likely going to be seen in the social traffic of

Redbull generates 47% of their social media traffic from Facebook, followed by YouTube at 20%. Instagram makes up 5% of total traffic.

Traffic to Red Bull Rampage went up by 1479% in Oct. and during the same timeframe Instagram engagement went up by 19% where the top performing post was where the top performing post featured Jaxson Riddle's first RB Rampage appearance. Additionally, 70% of the total Instagram posts in Oct., from Red Bull Bike, involved Red Bull Rampage.

Instagram engagement also increased by 125% in Sep. 2021, with 39% of generated engagement being from posts involving Red Bull Rampage. The top performing post was a throwback to Tom van Steezbergen performing the first ever caveman at Red Bull Rampage. The second, being first pieces of footage of Red Bull Rampage. Both posts in anticipation of that upcoming October 2021 Rampage.

In Oct. 2021, monthly Instagram traffic to increased by 36%, and during the same timeframe IG engagement increased by 19%. Although this data could point to some kind of correlation, this cannot be confirmed as directly correlated given that we cannot get traffic share driven by specific Instagram posts.

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