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October 1, 2020

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Paid Channel Focus Allocation — Hand Sanitizer Search Ads: Uncle Bud’s Hemp capitalized on the massive increase in search interest around hand sanitizers in March by launching their own product with a custom digital strategy. Since they did not have enough time to build up enough organic SEO authority for the product, Uncle Bud’s focused on paid search ads to drive awareness around the product instead. Uncle Bud’s used multiple ad variants to test different copy and highlight the effectiveness and gentleness of their ads. This helped to directly address customer concerns around the efficacy and harshness of hand sanitizers at the time. 

By pivoting quickly and creating a digital campaign that tapped into a surging consumer interest, Uncle Bud’s was able to increase their web traffic by +1,331% YoY. The interest in hand sanitizer led to a surge in traffic that Uncle Bud’s was able to effectively sustain by implementing a multi-faceted digital strategy. 

Uncle Bud’s Hemp has seen a +1,331% YoY website traffic increase in 2020— from a monthly average of 9K in 2019 to 134K in 2020—and its online sales have grown by 8,375% since January.

Uncle Bud’s leveraged skyrocketing demand for hand sanitizers in March and tapped into this category by launching its own product in March 2020.

The rapid spike in traffic was mainly driven by increases in the Direct, Paid, and Organic Search channels.

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Leveraging the booming interest for hand sanitizers, Uncle Bud’s launched paid search ads to direct traffic to its DTC website.

Uncle Bud’s used three ad variants which focused on both the effectiveness and gentleness of the hand sanitizer and led to a PDP:

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In March, the hand sanitizer PDP accounted for 30% of all site visits and remained in the top 3 pages throughout the year—accounting for 13% of total page visits in 2020 so far.

Launching a hand sanitizer was a pivotal moment for Uncle Bud’s, as it acquainted new customers with their brand, which resulted in greater awareness & web traffic visits for their other CBD products.

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