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January 1, 2021
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Key Takeaways

In the past year (April 2020 to March 2021), there have been 253 articles published about Peloton instructors. Publications such as PopSugar, Today, E! Online, and People have continuously been writing articles that give readers an inside look into the personal lives of Peloton instructors. The following types of articles have received high engagement amongst this audience:

  • Personal Updates: Readers are interested in knowing more about the personal milestones of their Peloton instructors, such as the birth of Robin Arzon’s daughter and Ally Love’s engagement to her fiance Andrew. Working out live with instructors on a daily basis has fostered an emotional connection between the rider and instructor, resulting in the users becoming invested in the lives of Peloton instructors and following them on various social media platforms.
  • Success Stories: Articles that talk about the previous lives of Peloton instructors and what jobs they had before joining the company receive a high volume of engagement. Headlines such as “From Elementary School Teacher to Peloton Instructor” performed well amongst the target audience.
  • Diversity: What makes Peloton instructors unique is that they all come from different backgrounds and they represent the diverse group of Peloton consumers. For example, Robin Arzon openly speaks about her prenatal workout routines and being in the fitness industry as a pregnant woman. In addition, articles about Cody Rigsby’s activism in the LGBTQ+ community generated a high volume of shares. The fifth most popular article featured Alex Toussaint who spoke about his military background and how it influenced his fitness routine.
  • Instructor’s Playlist: A large number of popular articles talked about what makes each instructor’s playlist unique. For example, in an article about Cody Rigsby he mentions his love for Britney Spears and how pop music plays an important role in his Peloton classes. In addition, Today’s article with Carson Daly and Alex Toussaint talked about his workout playlist and how they are an important part of his workouts.
  • Finding the Right Instructor: Articles helping people find the right Peloton instructor based on music preferences and workout styles tend to perform well. Buzzfeed created a quiz where they matched up a Peloton instructor according to a reader’s favourite music artists.
  • Podcasts: More and more Peloton instructors are getting invited to be featured on various types of podcasts from podcast about technology to podcasts for moms. Podcasts can be a great way for listeners to connect with brand ambassadors and connected fitness instructors.

In the past year, there have been 253 articles published online about Peloton Instructors. 

Peloton - # of Articles Published

The spike in January 2021 was a result of 10 articles which were published with the headline “You Won’t Believe What Your Favorite Peloton Instructors Used to Do for a Living” from various publications such as E! Online and Easy Branches.

You Won’t Believe What Your Favorite Peloton Instructors Used to Do for a Living

PopSugar published the highest volume of articles about Peloton instructors in the past year with 9 articles in total, followed by Peloton’s blog, “The Output”.

Peloton - PopSugar published the highest volume of articles about Peloton

The Output publishes articles introducing new instructors, and puts a spotlight on popular workout classes such as Alex Toussaint’s “Ride to Greatness” competition series and Robin Arzon’s prenatal workouts.

Hard Work Has Never Been so Much Fun (YouTube) | Strong as a Mother: Robin Arzón’s Pregnancy Journey (YouTube)

People Magazine - Top 10 Articles by # of Engagements
Peloton Instructor Robin Arzon Welcomes Daughter Athena Amelia

Personal updates such as child births and engagement announcements outperformed benchmarks significantly, showing that readers are interested in knowing more about the personal milestones of their Peloton instructors.

Peloton - Personal Updates on Instructors
Peloton Instructor Robin Arzón Welcomes Daughter Athena Amelia: She's a 'Full on Goddess-Warrior'
Peloton Instructor Ally Love Is Engaged to Longtime Love Andrew: 'Unexpected and So Perfect'

The article about Cody Rigsby talks about how he became an instructor at Peloton and how he is passionate about raising awareness within the LGBTQ+ community.

Peloton - Article about Cody Rigsby

Carson Daly, an American TV host, gave a testimonial saying that 99% of his Peloton workouts are with Peloton instructor Alex Toussaint.

Peloton - Article about Carson Daly
Meet Carson Daly’s inspiring Peloton instructor, Alex Toussaint

Articles that talk about the former lives of Peloton instructors and their success stories receive high engagement.

Peloton - Instructor's Former Lives
Article 1 | Article 2 | Article 3

Readers are interested in the daily routines of Peloton instructors, such as their eating habits and beauty regimes.

Peloton Instructor's Daily Routines
5 Peloton Instructors On How They Look So Damn Good Through Every Class
Peloton Instructor Robin Arzón Works Out for 2 to 4 Hours a Day—Here’s What She Eats To Stay Strong

Articles helping people find the right Peloton instructor based on music preferences and workout styles tend to perform well.

Peloton - Articles - Finding the Right Peloton Instructor
The Best Peloton Instructor to Match Your Workout Style
Which Peloton Cycling Instructor Is Your Match Based On Your Music Preferences?

A popular article by InsideHook talked about how users are tweeting about falling in love with their Peloton instructors. Users are developing an emotional bond with their instructors as they attend classes every day during quarantine when socializing with friends is extremely limited.

Click to view

Multiple Peloton instructors were also featured as guest speakers in podcasts such as the Big Technology podcast, MILK, and Hurdle.

Peloton instructors - Podcast featured guest speakers

Peloton articles of around 2,000 - 3,000 words have the highest average engagement of 1,820.

Peloton - Word Count Average Engagement

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