Incorporating Brand Voice to Drive Blog Traffic

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October 1, 2020

Key Takeaways

Content & Messaging — Incorporate Brand Voice: Sunday Scaries’ branding is young, hip, and casual, and that is present throughout their marketing materials and website. Their prompt for customers to sign up for their newsletter is “FOMO is real!

Join the Scary Squad to get access to dope content and special offers.” Their blog uses the same type of language and colloquialism in a way that perfectly delivers the content they want without losing their branding, tying everything together in a cohesive package.

Content & Messaging — Understand Target Audience’s Content Consumption Preferences: Aside from utilizing their brand voice to resonate with their young demographic, Sunday Scaries also makes sure they understand what type of content their target audience likes to consume. They incorporate the use of GIFs and memes to relate to their audience while crafting their blogs in list-style format that is popular in millenial/gen-z targeted websites like Buzzfeed. Package your information in the format your target audience wants to see to ensure engagement and readership.

Content & Messaging — Promote In-house Products Authentically: Don’t treat blog articles as a free-for-all to promote your entire product collection. Sunday Scaries rarely promotes more than a couple products per blog post, sometimes even just one--and these products are always tied in with their blog topic. If it is a stress-related blog, they’ll recommend a product geared towards stress relief. If it’s a blog around workouts or insomnia, a related product will be recommended.
Content & Messaging — Provide Legitimacy to Medical Claims with Trusted Sources: Since cannabis is often used for medical-related purposes, from pain relief to anxiety, backup your claims with trusted sources to give your claims legitimacy. These articles will also help increase the sense of trust customers have with your products and brand.

Although blog traffic isn’t a strong suit for cannabis competitors, Sunday Scaries’ blog web traffic is the best performing compared to the competitive set.

Cannabis - Blog Web Traffic

Aside from its blog traffic performance, Sunday Scaries’ blog content strategy also differs widely from other competitors.

Cannabis - Sunday Scaries Blog Content

Sunday Scaries’ blog primarily focuses on topics related to mental well-being. In particular, they create content geared towards a younger generation, be it by including topics ranging from relationships to exam stress or in their choice of blog images.

Cannabis - Sunday Scaries Focused Topics
Blog #1 , Blog #2 , Blog #3

Meanwhile, other competitors mainly geared their blog content on product reviews, physical health and wellness (i.e. chronic pain), catered more towards an older audience.

Cannabis - Competitors Blog Posts
Blog #1 , Blog #2 , Blog #3 , Blog #4

Sunday Scaries also makes sure their brand personality is present in their blog posts and that its personality resonates with its target audience.

Sunday Scaries - Brand Personality
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They also favour using list-style blog posts (i.e. 6 rules, 3 things to avoid, 7 tips, etc.), a style that is popular with like-demographic websites such as Buzzfeed, Vox, and Bustle.

Cannabis - List-Style Blog Posts
Blog #1 , Blog #2 , Blog #3

Aside from making sure their blog content is catered to their target audience, their blog titles are also on-brand and catered to a younger audience.

Cannabis - Blog Posts - Use of Popular Slang
Blog #1 , Blog #2 , Blog #3

Sunday Scaries carefully weaves a self-promotion into each blog post, which is considered best practice for blog content marketing.

Cannabis - Sunday Scaries - Self-Promotion
Blog #1 , Blog #2

Another best practice is how the brand keeps you engaged and on their site for longer, by self-referencing and providing easy access to other related posts.

Cannabis - Self-referencing and providing easy access to other related posts
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Lastly, Sunday Scaries gives its blog content extra legitimacy by consistently referencing trusted sources such as “The National Institute on Drug Abuse” to backup its claims.

Sunday Scaries - The National Institute on Drug Abuse
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Sunday Scaries tries to keep its readers as informed as possible, giving their brand a sense of authenticity when it comes to recommending their products to readers.

Cannabis - Sunday Scaries
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