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January 1, 2021
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Key Takeaways

Content & Messaging — Answer the Audience’s Questions: Looking at high volume questions on Google across North American and African countries, we identified the top question buckets that parents are searching for online.

These content buckets can be incorporated into video content, provide inspiration for new content, as well as serve as guides to video content organization (playlists, titles, video tags, etc.)

Top question categories:

  • Recommendations: Across both North America and Africa, parents are searching online for recommendations for what to let their kids watch. In North America, parents are more like to search for age-specific content, such as “best cartoons for a 3 year old” or “good songs to enjoy with a 1 year old” whereas as parents in Africa were more general in their questions. African parents are also more likely to search for recommendations for songs, shows, and cartoons in non-English languages.
  • Suggestion: Create playlists that are sorted by age buckets, add age brackets to video titles, or specify target kid ages in channel description
  • Content Safety: Again, both sets of parents are concerned with child safety on the internet, specifically whether certain channels or types of shows are appropriate for their children. Of these questions, large portion were specific to YouTube, such as “is (channel) appropriate for kids”, “how to make YouTube safe for my kids”, and various “should I let my kids watch YouTube” questions. 
  • Suggestion: Make it obvious to parents that your content is 100% safe for kids to watch, even unattended. Parents want to be able to let kids enjoy videos from channels without worrying that they will stumble upon non-appropriate videos.

In North America, top searches relating to kids content primarily revolved around:

Majority of the questions around content recommendations for kids were age-specific (i.e. content for 1 year old, etc.)

Regarding child safety, parents mainly want to know whether the content they show their kids is safe for them, and how to best make social media safe for their kids.

Parents are seeking advice from other parents online about their child-raising experiences, particularly around content consumption.

In Africa, top searches relating to kids content primarily revolved around:

Kids Content - Africa - Top Searches on Kids Content

Recommendation searches in Africa and North America were largely the same, with African search results being less age-specific.

Kids Content - Recommendation Searches - Africa and North America

Parents in Africa are particularly curious about educational content and how to monitor their kids’ online activities.

Similar to North American parents, parents in Africa search for questions around the safety of online videos and video platforms.

Kids Content - African Parents - Safety of Online Videos and Platforms

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