How Wealthsimple Drives 611K Website Visits With Self-Served Financial Tools

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September 30, 2021
Financial Services

Key Takeaways

Wealthsimple recognizes the importance of SEO strategy to drive traffic to its website. The company has been continuously investing in creating valuable content for both seasoned investors and beginners. In addition to sharing knowledge in a form of written content, Wealthsimple developed three tools that provide immediate value to the users: Income Tax Calculator, RRSP Calculator and Retirement Calculator.

Content — Invest in Evergreen Content: Wealthsimple invested in creating user-friendly self-serve tools and help solve customers’ problems. Wealthsimple ensures that each calculator page has CTAs that help convert the prospects into users. 

Traffic Channels — Seek Effective Ways to Compliment SEO Strategy: In addition to investing in keyword-rich content, Wealthsimple also created engaging instruments that deliver immediate value to users. Wealthsimple relies on organic search to drive traffic to these tools, yet the brand also invests additional budget to run search ads.

Wealthsimple has been relying on SEO and organic search for driving traffic to its website. The company has two very elaborate content sections: 

  • Personal Finance 101 provides a lot of information for those just learning about investments and best money management practices.
  • In Magazine Wealthsimple posts opinion pieces, shares company news and provides advice to more seasoned investors.

In addition to investing in written keywords-rich content, the company created evergreen self-serve financial calculators that provide immediate value to visitors:

Searches for income tax and retirement calculators peak around the end of every RRSP contribution season (February).

Wealthsimple has three tools to capture traffic searching for these instruments and provide immediate value.

Income Tax Calculator | RRSP Calculator | Retirement Calculator

In February 2020, almost 200K users visited Wealthsimple’s financial calculators.

More than half (53%) of traffic comes from organic searches, followed by internal referrals from other pages on Wealthsimple’s website. In addition to relying on organic (non-paid) visits, the company supports these tools with paid search. 

Between August 2019 and August 2021, 611K visitors landed on Wealthsimple’s website while searching for an income tax or retirement calculator.

Since Aug 2019, Wealthsimple spend only ~$3K to run search ads pointing to Tax and Retirement Calculators and in return captured 72K visits.

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