How to Advertise Vegan Products to Flexitarians

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January 1, 2021
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Key Takeaways

Cross-Channel Awareness Tactic — Brand Positioning Supported with Organic Social, Paid Social and Paid Search: Silk’s “Intermittent Veganing” campaign is a great example of an omni-channel brand awareness campaign all aimed at educating the consumer. Silk incorporated numerous tactics to spread awareness of the campaign and promote product adoption amongst those who have not fully embraced a plant-based lifestyle.

  • Focusing Content On Educational & Useful Subject-Matter: Recipe videos which were published on Instagram and YouTube showcase how the audience could take traditionally meat-based dishes and make them plant-based using Silk’s products. The recipes were also posted on Silk’s website for the audience to refer to at their leisure and recreate at home.
  • Incorporating Influencers & Relevant Chefs: Silk chose Canadian influencers & chefs to partner with for the campaign and their video content. This allowed Silk to ensure that they were generating awareness amongst the right audience. The influencers and chefs also imbued the content with their own personalities, while simultaneously promoting the content to their followers. Matt reposted the video on his own channel which generated 867% more views and 743% more engagement than Silk’s post. Brands can get even further reach out of their influencer partnerships by providing a budget for them to run ads on their own accounts for the content they helped create.
  • Social Contesting: Silk included a social contest on Instagram to support digital objectives (i.e. engagement), generate excitement amongst their audience, further the campaigns reach (i.e. tag a friend), and gain content ideas (i.e. recipes) for their website.
  • Creating Proprietary Tech: Silk created a custom Chrome extension for the campaign where the audience could “veganize” any recipes on the web that include dairy products. This is a useful stand alone tool that the audience can continue to derive value from long after the campaign is over.

In September of 2020, Silk Canada launched their “Intermittent Veganing” campaign where they targeted a new group of consumers who are not yet ready to take the full plunge into veganism.

Silk Canada launched the “Intermittent Veganing” campaign on organic social, paid social and paid search.

Objectives and channels

In September, Silk published a video on Instagram introducing the concept of intermittent veganing and explained to their consumers that “it’s just about building a habit of adding more plant-based ingredients.”

Organic Social
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To spread further awareness of this campaign, Silk launched a social contest where followers were encouraged to join their intermittent veganing challenge.

How to enter
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Silk published three videos featuring professional chefs who took on the “Intermittent Veganing” challenge and transformed a traditionally non-vegan dish into a plant-based dish.

Oversight and tactic
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For this video series, Silk not only partnered up with chefs, but also with Canadian influencers such as Matt Benfield.

Matt Benfield

Matt reposted the video on his own channel which generated 867% more views and 743% more engagement than Silk’s post.

Silk Canada

Silk also partnered with Canadian chefs Chuck Hughes, Connie de Sousa, and Adrian Forte.

Organic Social Posts
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Silk launched 15s ads on YouTube supported by a $309K spend.

Paid Social
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Silk also posted their “Intermittent Veganing Challenge” videos on YouTube, which were most likely supported by ad spend due to the high view count and minimal engagement.

Combined Views: 1.5M

Silk made the recipes from the Canadian chefs that they partnered with available on their website as the videos were uploaded to various platforms.

Silk Website
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Silk ran three variations of paid search ads for their intermittent veganing campaign which all focused on different themes.

Paid Search
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Silk also launched a Chrome extension as part of their “Intermittent Veganing” campaign which uses artificial intelligence to “veganize” any recipes that incorporate dairy products.

Chrome Extension
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