How Silk Canada Tripled Its Instagram Following in One Month

April 1, 2021
Food & Beverage

Key Takeaways

Social Content — Food-Focused Instagram Content: Silk Canada’s Instagram account is focused on sharing beautiful food pictures with its followers. This strategy seemed to resonate with its community and the brand managed to maintain the engagement rate at 2.1%. Not being new to giveaways, the brand used to get relatively high engagement (up to 18%) on its sweepstake announcement posts. 

Giveaway Tactic — Let a Winner Choose a Prize. In March 2021, Silk launched another giveaway aimed at driving the number of Instagram followers. Unlike the previous contests, Silk Canada offered a winner a choice of either pro-bike or coffee maker. Silk Canada made three announcement posts explaining the giveaway rules. Two posts that featured the prizes received over 30K likes and more than 13K comments each. Both posts reached a skyrocketing ER of 357% and 321%.
Giveaway — Choose Less Frequent Giveaways, but Offer More Valuable Prizes. As the result of the “Choose Your Prize” giveaway, Silk Canada’s account gained 11.6K new followers and effectively tripled in size. Assuming the estimated value of a prize was $1K, the brand was able to attract almost twelve thousand of new followers for 9 cents each.

Silk Canada’s Instagram account has been focusing on posting mouth-watering food pictures while slowly gaining new followers (+8 per day on avg).

Silk Canada - Instagram Account

At the beginning of March 2021, Silk Canada launched a “Choose your prize” giveaway. A winner could either choose a professional bike or coffee maker.

Silk Canada - Instagram - Choose Your Prize Giveaway

The sweepstake was designed to drive Silk Canada’s Instagram following, so the brand made the rules simple and clear:

  1. Follow @silk_canada
  2. Tag a friend
  3. For an additional entry, share it to stories & add a tag: @silk_canada

*The contest lasted almost a month, from March 9 to April 7th, 2021

Two announcement posts that featured the prizes reached record-breaking engagement rates of 357% and 321%.

Silk Canada - Announcement Post
Contest#1 | Contest#2 | Contest#3

Since the beginning of the year Silk Canada’s Instagram account gained 11.6K new followers and effectively tripled the size of its Instagram community after the giveaway.

Silk Canada - Instagram Followers Growth

A “Choose your prize” giveaway invigorated the brand’s Instagram community and enabled Silk Canada to gain new followers for approximately 9 cents each.

Silk Canada - Instagram - Choose Your Prize Giveaway

Estimated prize cost: $1K

New followers gained: 11.6K

Est. cost per new follower: 9 cents

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