How RBC Promotes Its Wealth Management Services On LinkedIn

July 1, 2021
Financial Services

Key Takeaways

RBC has amassed a large following on their Wealth Management page on LinkedIn with 75K followers. The bank leverages paid ads to complement its organic communication efforts. RBC relies on the following six pillars to build its advertising strategy.

  1. Generational questions: passing wealth over to next generations.
  2. Financial management for couples: ways to manage family income.
  3. Philanthropy: benefits of personal and enterprise philanthropy.
  4. Impact investing: ways to build sustainable portfolios.
  5. Digital challenges: expert opinions on resign questions revolving around online legacy
  6. RBC approach: articles and explainers about RBC’s ways to manage clients’ wealth.

75K people follow the RBC Wealth Management page on LinkedIn. 

RBC supports its LinkedIn communication strategy with sponsored content. The bank relies on the following communication pillars when promoting its wealth management services to its LinkedIn audience:

1. Generational questions

RBC aims to capture its target audience’s attention with ads addressing the sensitive topics of passing down real estate to children and potential solutions to challenges caused by dementia.

RBC - Wealth Management
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2. Financial Management for Couples

The bank offers couples advice on how to start the conversation about a prenuptial agreement and how to manage their income to benefit from tax savings.

RBC - Financial Management for Couples
Landing Page #1 , Landing Page #2

3. Philanthropy

RBC calls affluent individuals to consider philanthropic activities for their family legacy or enterprises. 

RBC - Philanthropy
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4. Impact investing

Impact investing has been a trending topic in the last couple of years, RBC sponsors posts leading to articles that provide further information about sustainable portfolios.

RBC Impact Investing
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5. Digital Challenges

RBC aims to capture audience attention by tapping into arising questions about planning digital legacy.

RBC - Digital Challenges
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6. RBC Approach

The bank also tries to attract new clients by explaining its approach to wealth management and investing strategies.

RBC Approach
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RBC directs traffic from LinkedIn ads to the Research & Insights section on its website, where prospects can read expert advice and connect with financial planners.

RBC Linkedin - Research & Insights

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