How Peloton Nurtured the Most Loyal Brand Ambassadors

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January 1, 2021
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Key Takeaways

Organic Social — Peloton Encourages Instructors Build Their Personal Brands: Peloton has 2.7M followers across its social media channels. Instagram alone accounts for 1.3M followers. Combined all instructors have 3 times the social following of Peloton. The brand relies on instructors to further build brand awareness and encourages them to develop their own personal brands. The brand sets up and helps to manages instructors' Facebook pages. 

Communication — Peloton Follows a Proven Process to Introduce New Trainer to the Community: Every time a new instructor joins a Peloton team, the brand follows the same process to introduce them to the Peloton community. First, they create an instructor page on the website which includes their bio and a schedule of upcoming classes and set up a Facebook page. At the same time, both Peloton and a recently-joined instructor make an announcement post on their respective Instagram accounts. Youtube video is the last but not the least step in this onboarding process — a short-form video tells an instructor's story and sheds a light on their personalities.  

Organic Content — The Brand Treats Instructors as a Part of the Family: Peloton aims to convey a feeling that the instructors are a part of the family rather than staff members. 75% of Pelotons’ Instagram posts feature its trainers. While most posts are rather motivational and relate to workouts, content that pertain to instructors’ personal lives gets the most attention. For example, two out of the top three Instagram posts with the highest engagement were about Robin Arzon’s pregnancy. 

Organic Content — Instructors are Peloton’s Loyal Brand Ambassadors: Peloton instructors proudly carry the brand’s image forward. On their personal Instagram accounts, they often post the workout schedules, remind about upcoming classes, add pictures wearing Peloton-branded apparel. Peloton gave them a head start to expand its influence and in return, they help to further expand the brand’s community. 

Peloton hires instructors that are ready to perform from day one.

Peloton Instructors

Peloton accumulated an audience of 2.7M across their social media channels, 1.3M people follow Peloton on Instagram alone.

Social Followers

Combined, all 35 Peloton instructors have 3X the following of Peloton’s.

Number of followers

Peloton supports and encourages instructors to develop their own personal brands. The company sets up and helps to manage Facebook pages for each instructor. 

Own personal brand

Once a new instructor joins the team, Peloton follows a specific announcement process to introduce them to its community.

New Instructors
Instructor Page, Facebook Page, Peloton, Videos Instruction

Instagram announcement posts receive a very warm welcome from the Peloton community and boost the instructor’s own following.

Mayla Wedekind, Coach Cliff

Instructors are mentioned in 75% of Peloton’s content on Instagram.

Share of Posts

The two most popular posts on Peloton’s Instagram page concerned Robin Arzon’s baby announcements. 

Top 3 Posts
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The Peloton brand often comes first and foremost on instructors’ personal Instagram accounts. 

1. All instructors mention Peloton in their bios

@robinnyc Instagram profile

2. Post workout schedules and class reminders

3. Wear branded clothes.

4. Support Peloton’s stance on social agenda

Instructors become loyal brand ambassadors that engage with the Peloton community on and off the app.

Jess King

Peloton gives its instructors a head start to grow their following. In return, instructors strengthen Peloton’s brand image and help to expand the brand’s community. 

Brand Community

Each instructor has their own page on the Peloton website which include their bios, upcoming classes, link to social profiles and Spotify playlist. 

Instructor's Page

Traffic to the instructor pages grew by +106% in 2020.

Traffic to instructor's pages

The internal referral channel is the largest traffic source (60%) to the instructor detail pages, followed by organic search (32%). 

Top Organic Keywords

Another platform where Peloton promotes its instructors is Spotify. The brand curates playlists full of tracks instructors played in a class and regularly adds new songs. Combined playlists have 50% more followers than Peloton’s account.

Peloton Playlists

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