How Online Financial Tools Generated Over 650K Site Visits

September 22, 2021
Financial Services

Key Takeaways

To increase site traffic, the Canadian Big Five Banks ran ads featuring the following financial tools:

  • RBC MyAdvisor: Free online platform that helps customers reach their financial goals and have live support from an advisor.
  • RBC True House Affordability: Mortgage tool that allows people to prequalify for a mortgage in 60 seconds.
  • RBC Future Launch at Home: Platform that provides online career courses and programs for young people . 
  • CIBC Goal Planner: A tool that personalizes financial plans and simplifies the financial planning process. 
  • TD Life Insurance Tool: Insurance tool that allows people to get a quote in 60 seconds. 
  • TD MySpend: A tool that helps users track their spending, create wish list of savings goals and more. 
  • BMO Video Financial Advice: BMO financial advisors are available for live support through their site. 

RBC Future launch generated the highest volume of site traffic, with a total volume of 457K site visits from January 2020 to August 2021. In total, these digital initiatives generated over 650K site visits* for RBC, TD and CIBC.

On average RBC Future Launch generates 23K monthly site visits while TD MySpend generates 7K.

Site traffic for RBC MyAdvisor, BMO Video Financial Advice, and RBC True House Affordability is currently unavailable 

To increase site traffic, the Canadian Big Five Banks ran ads featuring various financial tools: 

1. RBC - MyAdvisor

RBC partnered up with HGTV’s Bryan and Sarah Baeumler to promote the “MyAdvisor” RBC tool which is a a free online platform that allows existing clients to get a personalized savings plan and real-time visuals.

Post #1 , Post #2 , Post #3 | RBC MyAdvisor

2. RBC - True House Affordability Tool

To advertise RBC’s True House Affordability tool, the brand emphasized the ease and convenience by highlighting how users can get prequalified for a mortgage in 60 seconds. 

Post #1 , Post #2 | RBC True House Affordability Tool

3. RBC - Future Launch at Home

To drive traffic to the site, RBC created an online platform called “Future Launch” aimed towards recent grads who are looking for free online resources to jumpstart their career. 

Post | RBC Future Launch Logo

4. CIBC - GoalPlanner Tool

CIBC generated 37M impressions from their GoalPlanner tool campaign, which aims to simplify the planning process to meet financial goals. The ad featured a wide range of goals such as early retirement, purchasing a bigger home, and travelling the world, catering to a broad audience.

Post #1 , Post #2 | CIBC GoalPlanner Tool

5. TD - Life Insurance Tool

TD’s advertisement for their online insurance tool featured a mobile device showcasing how their site is mobile friendly. Similar to RBC, the brand also highlighted how one could get a quote in less than 60 seconds.

Post #1 , Post #2 | TD Life Insurance Tool

6. TD - MySpend Tool

TD advertised how their “MySpend” tool helps users take control of their finances during the pandemic, when many faced financial difficulties. 

Post | TD MySpend Tool

7. BMO - Video Financial Advice

BMO offered online video financial advice to encourage customers to stay home during the pandemic. The brand ran a 6 second video advertisement on the YouTube platform.

Video Financial Advice

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