How Liquid I.V. Grew Its Web Traffic By 3.7X in 2020

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January 1, 2021
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Key Takeaways

Social Media — Leverage Unique Features of Each Platform: Liquid I.V. deploys distinct communication strategies for each social media channel. The brand effectively leverages unique features of each platform to grow its following and maximize  engagement:

  • On Instagram Liquid I.V. frequently collaborates with influencers to raise brand awareness and runs product giveaways.
  • On Facebook, the company maintains up-to-date Shop and Special Offer sections as well as shares the links to their website in the feed posts.
  • In the summer of 2020, Liquid I.V. aired a YouTube-exclusive mini-series “Our Journey to Changing the World”, which gained over 600K views and helped to grow the YouTube channel by 595% in one year.
  • The brand ventured into TikTok in late 2019 and has been creating videos with the efforts of the company’s own office team. Liquid I.V.’s TikTok is an example of how a brand can leverage social media channels to show another dimension of the brand story—people behind the company—and drive authenticity and empathy.

These efforts resulted in double-digit growth across all of its social media channels.

Paid Ads — Run Conversion-Focused Ads: When it comes to running digital ads, Liquid I.V. is highly focused on the returns on the invested dollars. The brand often leverages discount promo codes and limited-time offers in their social media ads to trigger purchases. Liquid I.V. invests most of its digital advertising budget in Facebook Ads (55%). In 2020, the company added the Instagram platform into the advertising channel mix and invested $1.3M in this platform alone. 

Organic Content — Optimize Website for Sales: While Liquid I.V. spends generously to drive traffic to their e-commerce website, the brand doesn’t seem to invest much into search optimization of their e-commerce platform. Liquid I.V. doesn’t maintain a current Blog section, instead, the company has an evergreen “Science” page that attracts less than 1% of all inbound search traffic. 72% of all inbound search visits land on the homepage.

Liquid I.V.’s digital ecosystem is designed to boost both online and offline sales. The brand runs digital ads that drive consumers to the company’s e-comm website as well as inform customers which retailers carry the brand's products. Liquid I.V. has been actively growing its social following as well as increasing social media advertising budgets — both contributed to increased social traffic to the website.

Liquid I.V. actively engages their 300K social media community and deploys different communication strategies for each of their social channels.

Liquid I.V. - Social Following

Organic Social

In 2020 Liquid I.V. saw double-digit growth across its social media channels—YouTube alone grew by 593%.

Liquid I.V. - Social Media Channels Follower Growth
No TikTok channel growth data available.

Liquid I.V. often collaborates with Instagram influencers and strives to grow its own loyal bloggers. The company launched a brand ambassador program that invites qualified followers to partner with Liquid I.V.

Instagram Influencers

Liquid I.V. runs giveaways almost every week. Each contest on average adds 586 new followers to Liquid I.V.’s Instagram account.

Instagram Giveaways
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Collaborations with creators result in lots of user-generated content, which Liquid I.V. repurposes on its page. The brand also encourages its audience to adhere to a healthy lifestyle with motivational quotes, which generate higher than page average engagement.

Healthy lifestyle
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Liquid I.V. maximizes Facebook’s features, such as the ability to create a shop and add promo offers to the page.


The brand tailors content specifically for Facebook and runs platform-exclusive giveaways. Liquid I.V. frequently shares the links to their blog to educate their audience and drive traffic to the website.

Facebook Posts

Liquid I.V. is not very active on Twitter. The brand doesn’t often start conversations, however, they find ways to engage in relevant threads.


The brand ventured into TikTok at the end of 2019 and has been creating humorous videos of their office lifestyle with an infrequent posting schedule.

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In July 2020, Liquid I.V. launched a YouTube-exclusive video series “Our Journey to Changing the World,” which generated over 600K views and contributed to 595% channel growth.

*Engagement rate in the first 30 days indexed against a platform average 

Paid Ads

In 2020 Liquid I.V. spent $8.7M on digital ads which is +885% more than the previous year ($768K).

Liquid I.V. - Digital Ads Spend
*Spend is a directional approximation and does not include retargeting or behavioural targeting.

Facebook remained Liquid I.V.’s main advertising channel. In 2020, Liquid I.V. added Instagram to their advertising channels mix and invested $2M in this platform alone. 

Liquid I.V. invested in conversion-oriented ad campaigns through the sharing of promo-codes in their ads and aimed to bring a sense of urgency with limited-time offers.

Liquid I.V. - Conversion-Oriented Ad Campaigns

Liquid I.V. had 1,122 variants of the search ads running in 2020. Text ads targeted a mix of branded and hydration-related keywords and aimed to increase the click-through rate by offering discounts in the titles.

Liquid I.V. - Search Ads - Text Ads Targeted Keywords

At the same time, Liquid I.V. ran product search ads that targeted various problems the product could help with, such as insomnia and hangovers.

Liquid I.V. - Product Search Ads

Organic Content

In 2020, traffic to Liquid I.V.’s website grew by 3.7x times, compared to 2019.

Liquid I.V. - Web Traffic

Organic search has seen the highest YoY increase (+1,014%) and direct (+297%) remained the second-largest traffic contributor.

Liquid I.V. - Website Traffic - Organic Search

Most people (68%) who landed on the Liquid I.V. website came from branded search.

Liquid I.V. - Branded Website Traffic - Top 10 Keywords

77% of all inbound search traffic landed on the homepage. Product section “Shop” accounted for 10% of search traffic.

Liquid I.V. - Share of Inbound Search Traffic

Direct traffic spiked in July 2020 (+177% vs June 2020), which coincided with the launch of “Our Journey to Changing the World” mini-series on YouTube and a new product release.

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