How Canada Drives Tripled its Organic Search Traffic Share in 2 Years

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August 25, 2021

Key Takeaways

Website Traffic — Optimized Website to Account for Growing Mobile Traffic: Canada Drives has seen a stable month-over-month website traffic growth reaching an all-time high in June 2021 (647K visits). Mobile visits drive 74% of total website traffic, and their share has been continuously increasing over the last two years. 
Organic Search — Persistent Investment in Content Marketing: Search has been the top traffic source for Canada Drives. While the company invests in paid search, which makes up ~3% of total visits (Q2 2021), organic search drove 75% of traffic in the first two quarters of 2021. Canada Drives made substantial investments in its content marketing, which enabled it to increase organic traffic share from 21% in Q1 2019 to 75% in Q2 2021. Since February 2019, when Canada Drives launched its blog, it has published a new piece every two weeks. Over 2+ years, Canada Drives accumulated a sizable content library with 200+ articles which continued driving relevant traffic.
Content — Long-form Content Tailored to Evolving Consumer Interests: Canada Drives writes pieces covering various topics revolving around vehicles, financing options and taxation. The company continues to evolve its blog topics and amasses more and more trending keywords. At the start of its content efforts, the company leveraged “used cars” and “leasing options” keywords. In 2020 it evolved its content to capture growing interested in electric vehicles and created manuals explaining how to answer the most popular questions about taxation.

Canada Drives is a Canadian online vehicle retailer. The company allows online consumers to search for and buy pre-owned vehicles online. In March 2021, the company reached its all-time-high website visits when 615K online shoppers visited Starting in 2019, the company persisted in building a powerful content engine, which enabled the brand to triple the share of organic search traffic in just two years.

Canada Drives

In June 2021, Canada Drives hit its all-time-high monthly website traffic, recording 647K visits in June (+11% vs. the previous month).

Canada Drives - Website Traffic

On average, 74% of total Canada Drives’ visits come from mobile devices.

Canada Drives - Website Traffic by Device

Canada Drives tripled its share of organic search traffic from 2019 to 2021, which reached 75% in the second quarter of 2021.

Canada Drives - Share of Organic Search Traffic

The company supports its organic traffic with paid search ads. 

Canada Drives - Share of Search Traffic

90% of the keywords that drive traffic to Canada Drives are non-branded and cover a vast majority of car-related topics that we’ll explore down the road.

Branded vs. Non-Branded Keywords

In February 2019, Canada Drives launched its blog. Since then, the company has posted ~200 articles covering topics that revolve around vehicle financing options, driving tips, maintenance and much more.

Canada Drives - blog

Since the blog launch, Canada Drives tripled the total number of keywords it ranks for, from 11K to 33K (+188%). 

Canada Drives - Keywords

Canada Drives tailors and evolves its content to meet trending consumer interests. In the first year of active blogging, the company focused on keywords revolving around used cars and leasing options. 

Cana Drives - Keywords - Used Cars - Leasing Options

As the content evolved, Canada Drives wrote more articles about electric vehicles — reviewing best EVs and suggesting the cheapest options.

Canada Drives - Electric Vehicles

Canada Drives also leverages tax season and drives relevant traffic to its website with articles explaining best tactics to maximize tax returns.

Canada Drives - Tax Returns

Overall, the blog section captures ~80% of all incoming traffic to the website.

Canada Drives - Blog - Traffic

Leveraging trending keywords and its domain authority, some of Canada Drives’ articles attract 6.7% of total web visits, while many drive about 3% each.

Canada Drives - Trending Keywords

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