How BMO Promotes Its Wealth Management Services On LinkedIn

July 22, 2021
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Key Takeaways

BMO maintains a stand-alone LinkedIn page for its wealth management services. The bank has accumulated 12.6K followers on this page but it also leverages paid LinkedIn advertising to reach new prospective clients. BMO built its paid LinkedIn communication strategy on the following five pillars:

  1. Generational questions: BMO provides advice about wealth succession and retirement planning. 
  2. Cross-border investment and taxes: pitfalls and benefits of international investing.
  3. Market outlook and reports: BMO builds credibility by sharing its expert opinion on market performance.
  4. Impact investing: advantages of sustainable investing.
  5. Trending topics: time-sensitive or trending financial topics.

BMO has accumulated 12.6K followers on its BMO Private Wealth LinkedIn page. In addition to the regular twice per week posting cadence, the bank runs promoted posts to reach new audiences. 

BMO relies on the following communication pillars when promoting its wealth management services to its LinkedIn Audience.

  1. Generational questions
  2. Cross-border investment and taxes
  3. Market outlook and reports
  4. Impact investing
  5. Trending

1. Generational questions.

BMO aims to deliver value to prospective clients by offering expert advice on succession planning and retirement. The bank publishes articles about how to properly pass over the estate or business to the next generations.

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2. Cross-border investment and tax questions.

The bank promotes posts that lead to articles explaining how to navigate international real estate investments and what to consider when it comes to taxes. 

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3. Market outlook and reports.

BMO builds credibility amongst its target affluent audience by sharing global market performance reports and market outlooks for the upcoming year. 

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4. Impact investing.

BMO targets investors aiming to add sustainable companies to their portfolios and suggests various plans to integrate impact investing into investment plans.

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5. Trending topics.

BMO is sensible to what their target audience might be interested in and serves ads that advise learning about estate planning for digital assets or tax-saving tactics at the end of the year.

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BMO’s LinkedIn ads direct prospects to the relevant articles in the BMO Wealth Insights section. Each article ends with a CTA inviting readers to connect with a BMO advisor and learn more about the services and conditions of BMO private wealth management.

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