How A Mommy Influencer Giveaway Increased IG Followers by +5,800%

January 1, 2021
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Key Takeaways

Influencer Tactic — Partner with YouTubers & Family Influencers: There is currently a whitespace opportunity as the competitive set is focusing largely on partnering up with mommy influencers on Instagram. However, some of the biggest influencers are family influencers on YouTube who showcase their day to day lives with their children. The majority of these family influencers have toddlers around the ages of 1-5 years old, which is the perfect audience for kid content creators.

Influencer Tactic — Host Giveaways With Mommy Influencers: Brands who partnered up with Jillian Harris (a mommy influencer) for a holiday giveaway saw a +5800% (24K)  increase in Instagram followers. When working with influencers to host giveaways, make sure that followers are required to follow your brand’s social media handles to enter the contest. Leverage the follower base of the influencer to reach a wider audience and to create hype around your brand. 

Giveaway Tactic — Announce Winners on Your Website: Rather than announcing the winners of the holiday giveaway on social media, Jillian Harris announced all giveaway winners on her website which led to a +104% increase in site traffic. Consider the objectives of your campaign and if you are driving viewers to your website, take this opportunity to drive viewers to your blog content and YouTube channel.

Content & Messaging  — Nursery Rhyme Remix: Pinkfong works with celebrity musicians from all around the world to create remixes of their classic nursery rhymes. For example, they worked with a Korean celebrity (Yoo Jae Suk) to create a K-Pop version of Baby Shark to raise brand awareness in Korea. When working with local celebrities, make sure to ask for their audience demographic data to verify that they have a significant following in the market that you want to advertise in.

Overall, kid content brands rarely work with influencers to promote their brand, Pinkfong had the highest number of influencer posts in 2020, followed by Little Baby Bum.

Pinkfong - # of Influencer Posts in 2020

The types of influencers kid content brands work with fall under 3 main categories:

Types of Influencers kid content brands work with

LBB works with mommy influencers and reposts user-generated content on their Instagram channel to promote their merchandise.

@lucymeck1 | @lifewithhadleyandquinn

Mellodees incorporates their main mascot as part of their influencer posts and their association with celebrity DJ, Marshmello, has helped raise brand awareness.

Mellodees - Mascot - Influencer Posts
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Pinkfong works with celebrity musicians to release different versions of Baby Shark to raise brand awareness in new markets.

Pinkfong - Celebrity Musicians
@frmheadtotoe | Baby Shark Dance (K-Pop Retro English Ver.) | Baby Shark x Yoo Jae-Suk | Hangout with Baby Shark | Aaron Kwok dancing to Baby Shark | 2nd version | 天王版BabyShark🦈 | PINKFONG Baby Shark X Harbour City

For the launch of their new Baby Shark Dancing DJ toy, Pinkfong worked with eight mommy influencers who published an instagram review of the product, the campaign resulted in 99K total engagements.

Pinkfong - Baby Shark Dancing DJ Toy

The sponsored influencer posts were in paid partnership with wowwee (toy distributor) rather than Pinkfong, however every sponsored post tagged @pinkfong.official and used their hashtag (#babysharkdancingDJ & #babysharkfinfest).

Sponsored Influencer Posts - Wowwee - #babysharkdancingDJ - #babysharkfinfest
@raffinee | @malloryervin

Giveaways hosted by mommy influencers drive enormous volumes of awareness and traffic. Jillian Harris, mother of two and former bachelorette on ABC, hosts 12 days of giveaways every year in December which generated +104% more traffic MoM in December 2020.

Jillian Harris - Monthly Site Visits -

The giveaway posts themselves generated a significant volume of engagements averaging 25K engagements per post which is more than 2X higher than Jillian’s average engagement volume.

Jillian Harris - Giveaway Posts
Giveaway1 | Giveaway2

Fans had to follow the social media accounts tagged in each giveaway post to enter. As a result, Nimmo Bay Resort, who partnered up with Jillian Harris gained 24K followers in the month of December during the same time Jillian launched the giveaway

Jillian Harris - # of IG Followers Gained per Month
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Top mommy/dad/family influencers for potential partnership opportunities include...

Top mommy,dad, family influencers for potential partnership opportunities
The ACE Family | Daily Bumps | The Bee Family | Roman Atwood | Its Judy’s Life | WhatsUpMoms | The LaBrant Fam | Shaytards | The East Family

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