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April 1, 2020

Key Findings

Charlotte’s Web referral traffic increased in June due to new referrals from Finance & Health websites. accounts for a significant portion of Charlotte’s Web’s referral traffic increase in June.

What Brands Should Be Thinking About:

Look for referral opportunities with applicable CBD review sites: CBD review sites provide outside validation for products, as well as backlinks which help with overall SEO strength. Ensure that the sites are reputable as to not tarnish your websites trust by being linked to a poor website.Opportunities for referrals can come from other industries: Look for opportunities outside of your industry which could possibly generate referral traffic, such as guest blogging on a sports recovery site on the benefits of CBD for recovery.

In June, Charlotte’s Web referral traffic increased by +26% MoM after a -24% MoM decrease in May.

Charlotte's Web Referral Traffic
*Based on desktop web traffic only

The increase in referral traffic is largely due to an influx of traffic from sites that were not driving traffic in May, such as These sites are mainly focused in the finance and health sectors.

Charlotte's Web - June Referral Traffic
*Based on desktop web traffic only

Web traffic from may be from an article posted in mid-June about the company’s stock price. While traffic from may be from the Charlotte’s Web product reviews which include affiliate links.

Charlotte's Web - - Web Traffic
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