Effective Instagram Ads and Influencer Tactics For CBD

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July 1, 2020

Key Takeaways

Messaging — Focus on the Value That You Bring to Consumers: Standard Dose focuses on the value that the brand provides such as healthy radiant skin and nutrient rich ingredients to raise brand awareness rather than focusing on the different products that they sell. Educate consumers on how your brand is providing a solution to a problem that your consumers are experiencing.

Tactic —  Create Content that Educates Your Consumers: Give consumers a reason to continuously come back to your channel - educate them on various topics related to CBD or host digital events such as at-home fitness workouts or meditation classes. Consumers are looking for more than just product recommendation when they are following brands on social media.

Standard Dose, an online retailer of CBD and wellness products, focuses their digital advertising efforts on Instagram and Display.

Monthly Ad Spend

On Instagram, the top performing campaign was a brand awareness video that highlighted product benefits rather than focusing on CBD.

Top Performing Campaign
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Display ads are lower funnel, with a “Shop Now” CTA. However, they still focus on the wellness and safety of the products rather than highlighting that they contain CBD.


100% of the display ads were advertised on wellandgood.com, a website dedicated to at-home workouts, healthy recipes and overall wellness


On organic social, Standard Dose works with wellness influencers to host virtual meditations and reflexology classes to provide value to their consumers rather than simply working with influencers to promote their website.

Organic Social
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Standard Dose worked with the same influencer (Kirat) to host a Q&A on their channel to give advice about mental health and well-being - showing their consumers that they are here to help during these uncertain times.


Standard Dose has a story highlight titled “CBD” where they educate their consumers on various CBD products:

Standard Dose

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