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July 1, 2020
Sporting Goods & Outdoor

Key Takeaways

Influencer Strategy — Focus on Micro Influencers: Sport Chek’s micro influencer campaign featuring Alessia Scauzillo generated 4X more engagement when content was posted onto her own channel: Alessia’s post outperformed Sport Chek in terms of engagements despite her account only having 4K followers, compared to Sport Chek who has over 70K followers.

Micro influencers tend to have a loyal fanbase who are highly engaging on social media, compared to larger influencers with millions of followers.

Although micro influencers have limited reach, macro influencers generally have a global audience, making the majority of their followers irrelevant for regional businesses. When working with influencers, ask for their demographic information and always check their engagement rate to see if a large proportion of their follower base might be fake. 

Influencer Tactic  — Inclusivity: Sport Chek collaborated with “unconventional” female fitness influencers representing all types of body shapes and sizes, such as Sarah Taylor, who is a plus size fitness instructor. 

Showcase inclusivity on social media and other digital channels. Step outside of the box and feature campaigns with different body types, genders, races, and ages. An inclusive brand identity is especially important in today’s world with the BLM movement. 

In July of 2020, Sport Chek began aggressively advertising on YouTube with a budget increase from $0 to $835K which contributed to a +28% increase in social web traffic.

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The YouTube campaign featured micro-influencer Alessia Scauzillo, who partnered up with Sport Check to create various at-home workouts.

Sports Check
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Alessia and Sport Chek both published the same video featuring her at-home workout program. However, Alessia’s channel generated 4X more engagement compared to Sport Chek despite her Instagram page only having 6K followers.

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Two days following the first Sport Chek sponsored post, Alessia hosted a giveaway where the prize was a membership to her online fitness program, sponsored by Sport Chek.

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Sport Chek worked with multiple female micro-influencers for this campaign, who all had less than 5K followers on Instagram.

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