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April 1, 2020

Key Findings

Feals is using a combination of testimonials and reviews to provide social proof and real-world examples of how their product has helped people manage anxiety, pain, and sleep problems to acquire new customers: Feals’ approach is multifaceted, using testimonials on their website stories page, reviews on their product page, and quotes as content on Instagram with a link in their bio that links to their stories page.

What Brands Should Be Thinking About:

Look for ways to incorporate testimonials & reviews on your website & social to establish trust around your product offering: Testimonials & reviews provide social proof that your product is high quality and helps bolster brand perception. Look for ways to incorporate reviews in non-traditional ways such as in social posts or in Instagram stories.

Feals incorporates testimonials/reviews in 3 ways: 

Feals - How Feals incorporates testimonials and reviews
Website Stories | Reviews On Product Pages | Instagram Content

From Feb. 2020 to Jul 2020, the feals.com/stories landing page was the second highest visited page on the Feals’ website—with all story pages accounting for a combined 18% of total web traffic for the period.

Feals - Percent of Web Traffic

Feals’ story page is split into three categories: anxiety, pain, & sleep. 

Feals - Story Page

Each category begins with a short description of how CBD can help with the respective ailment.

Feals - How CBD can help with respective ailment

Each category contains high-quality interview-style video footage of people from all different backgrounds, ages, genders, etc. In the videos, the subjects explain what is ailing them and how CBD has helped.

Feals - Kate & Matty - Christopher

A short quote from the person highlighted in the video is also included next to the video and summarizes how CBD has helped them manage their ailment. 

Feals - Short quote from person highlighted

As a collective, the product review pages accounted for 0.4% of web traffic from February 2020 to July 2020. 

Feals - Percent of Web Traffic - Product Review Pages

Despite the small amount of traffic, these pages play an important role in providing social proof about the products and helps to inform the customer’s decision process.

Feals - What are people saying about Feals?

Feals has seamlessly integrated the product review section into their website and have include some interactives elements such as the ability to filter between dosages, ask a question, and even rate the helpfulness of reviews.  

Feals - Product Review Section

On Instagram, Feals repurposes the reviews to use as content featuring a quote and a background colour that matches their brand colours. 

Feals - Instagram - Product Reviews Repurposed
Society has progressed past the need for road rage | You + a sense of calm. Iconic duo | #FealsBetter

Feals links to their stories page from their Instagram link in bio which directs customers to their review page. Testimonials and reviews are a critical part of Feals’ customer acquisition strategy.

Feals - Story Page - Instagram link in bio
@feals | link in bio | review page

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