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April 1, 2020

Key Findings

Education and product based blog topics resonate well with customers for brands like Charlotte’s Web and cbdMD: Blogs that are centered around educating customers about existing products, helping them choose the right product for them, vastly outperform other types of blog posts.

What Brands Should Be Thinking About

Pay attention to questions that are frequently asked about, be it from customer feedback to trending questions on the web: Turn these questions into answers in a blog and make sure blog titles clearly capture the key message of the post. Make sure to include a plug for your products within these blogs to maximize chances of conversion. For example, if customers are extra interested in the benefits of cbd for sleep purposes, write a blog about how your products are able to provide that benefit for the customer and insert pictures and links to your product line.

After a period of web traffic decline to their blog page, Charlotte’s Web experienced a +38% increase to their blog in July.

Charlotte's Web - Email Web Traffic

Charlotte’s Web’s top performing blogs include...

Charlotte's Web - Top Performing Blogs
When To Expect Results from CBD | Cannabis 101: Charlotte’s Web vs. Hemp Seed Oil vs. Marijuana | Finding the Charlotte’s Web Concentration That’s Best for You

These blog posts were all centered around product education, with the aim of helping their customers choose the best products for them.

Cannabis - Blog Posts

Meanwhile, these are their worst performing blogs... 

(blogs with web traffic below 0.01% of total web traffic)

Charlotte's Web - Worst Performing Blogs
Practical money hacks for health and Charlotte's Web pure hemp oil | Celebrating Two Moms | I Am Charlotte

These blog posts did not seem to resonate with their customer group, yielding low readership due to unfocused blog messaging.

Charlotte's Web - Blogs

Similarly, cbdMD also saw an increase in web traffic to their blog in July, with a huge increase of +81% MoM.

Charlotte's Web - cbdMD Blog - Email Web Traffic
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Similarly with Charlotte’s Web, cbdMD’s top blog posts were also more education focused, be it introducing new products to pointing out the difference between products.

cbdMD - Blog Posts
The Perfect Dream: CBD and Sleep | New Superior Broad Spectrum Formula | CBD Oil vs. CBD Tincture: What's the Difference?

While their worst performing blogs include... 

(blogs with web traffic below 0.01% of total web traffic)

cbdMD - Worst Performing Blog Posts
cbdMD Kicks Off Year-Long Athletic Events Partnership | Team cbdMD Athlete Jorge Masvidal Defeats Nate Diaz in UFC Welterweight Main Event | UFC Champion Daniel Cormier Joins Team CBD

These poor performing blog posts were announcement-based, focusing on initiatives that cbdMD participates in or updates on their Team cbdMD venture.

cbdMD - Worst Performing Blog Posts - Announcement-Based
*Web visits for the month of July 2020

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