Driving Account Signups With Incentives, Influencers, and Ads

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July 1, 2020
Financial Services

Key Takeaways

Tactic —  AirPods Incentive: RBC focused their Facebook ads in August to drive awareness about their AirPods sign-up incentive. Customers who signed up would be eligible to receive the free pair of AirPods if certain eligibility requirements were met.

Messaging —  YouTube Ads Focus On “Student Tips”: RBC’s YouTube ads messaging focused on quick financial tips aimed at students with a CTA to learn more by clicking on a link below. The landing pages for these campaigns gained a collective 9.1K visits in August. 

Tactic —  Multi-Platform Launch For RBC Future Launch: RBC used multiple platforms (YouTube ads, organic social posts, micro-influencer posts) to spread awareness about their RBC Future Launch campaign. This initiative focuses on “empowering the youth of today, for the jobs of tomorrow.” The campaign landing page received 16.1K visits in August.

Messaging —  “Show Local Some Love”: RBC focused their display ads messaging around their campaign which encouraged supporting small, local businesses. The ads were paired with a contest where participants could win a prize of $10K & a small business grant relief grant initiative.

RBC significantly increased spending on Facebook & YouTube in August by +4.9M% ($17 to $836K) & +277% MoM, respectively.

Ad Spend

Facebook ads focused on an AirPods sign-up incentive & how consumers can prequalify for a mortgage in 60 seconds.

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Facebook Ads
Landing Page, Landing Page, Landing Page

Top YouTube creative focused on finance tips for students and community-focused professional development initiatives.

YouTube Creative
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Landing page, Landing page, Landing page

RBC worked with micro-influencers for their Future Launch/Future Ready campaign, which featured students and young professionals from a wide variety of industries:

Future Launch
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Future Launch
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Top display creatives featured messaging around supporting local businesses during COVID-19.

Top Display Creative
Landing Page
Top Display

RBC also ran display ads for a contest where participants could win $10K by dining at local eligible businesses.

Display Ads
Landing Page

RBC cross-promoted these community-focused initiatives with organic posts on Instagram.

Organic Posts
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Organic Posts
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