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January 1, 2021
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Key Takeaways

Content & Messaging — Focus on One Niche: Since Mellodees’ launch in June 2020, their YouTube following has been growing at an average of 27% each month, with their monthly video views accumulating to just over 4M in October 2020. One of the reasons they were able to achieve that is by sticking to one niche (electronic dance music). Short nursery rhyme videos (under 3min. long) are their most popular content category and since their launch, they have been focusing on just that niche. Even when branching out to longer videos, those are only compilations of their popular nursery rhyme songs. This makes it easy for parents to know what to expect when they come to Mellodees’ channel and makes them a clear choice when they’re looking for nursery rhymes for their kids.

Content & Messaging — Reuse YouTube Content: While Mellodees’ main social channel focus is YouTube, they manage to maintain an active presence across their other platforms by constantly reusing their YouTube content. On TikTok, Mellodees’ takes snippets of their YouTube video to create TikTok-relevant videos that use trending TIkTok sounds rather than their original soundtracks. On Instagram, Mellodees’ also trims their YouTube videos and creates short clips to post.

Content & Messaging — Cross-Post Content Across Social Media Platforms: For Mellodees’, their most popular (most engaged) social channels are their YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram platforms; as such, they regularly cross-post their Instagram content onto their Twitter and Facebook accounts, where they have a much smaller following. This allows them to continue to reach their audience that is on those platforms without having to create unique content and pull focus away from their top channels.

Influencer Tactic — Music Produced by Marshmello: Mellodees was able to get considerable PR coverage upon launch as their music is produced by celebrity DJ Marshmello. Partnering up with professional musicians is a great way to generate hype and brand awareness around your brand. In addition, Mellodees even created a character that was modeled after Marshmello, called ‘Lil Mello, which is featured in almost all of their YouTube videos.

Since Mellodees’ launched in June 2020, its YouTube following has been growing at a steady 27% MoM rate, reaching 11K in January 2021.

YouTube Subcribers

As well, their monthly video views spiked in October, accumulating to just over 4M views, with average video views of 2.8M a month.

Top three video watched views:

ABC Song | Views: 1.6M | Date Published: Jul ‘20

Take me out to the Ball Game | Views: 1.3M | Date Published: Oct ‘20

Deck the Halls | Views: 1.1M | Date Published: Nov ‘20

70% of the videos are under 3 minutes. Those ranging between 10-30 are themed compilations of shorter songs and remixes.

Video Duration

Top content buckets for Mellodees’ are:

  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Compilations
  • Instrumental videos

Mellodees launched two stand-alone websites — one houses the videos and free downloadable games, while the other one is an e-comm site selling branded merchandise.

Stand-alone Websites
Mellodees, Official Mellodees Apparel

The Mellodees launch was accompanied by considerable PR coverage, mainly covering the founder persona, Marshmello, and appearance of this animated character in the show.

The Mellodees

However, since their website launch in July 2020, has been generating very little traffic, averaging just under 500 web visits each month.

Videos and Free Games
Click to view.

As for the eCommerce site, there was a brief spike in traffic after the initial launch before traffic dropped*.

Click to view.

*Web traffic data not substantial enough to analyze web traffic sources

More than half (54%) of Mellodees audience is based in the US, followed by another english-speaking countries — Australia and Canada.

Based on web traffic and Spotify listening data. Directional data.

YouTube, being the main outlet for Mellodees’ content, is where most of their audience comes from. TikTok is the second largest social media platform by the number of subscribers, closely followed by Instagram.


On TikTok, Mellodees leverages trending TikTok sounds to create mashups from the snippets of its existing YouTube videos.

YouTube Video Snippets

Popular TikTok Sounds

Instagram is one of their most frequently updated platforms, with an average posting frequency of 17 posts per month.

Mellodees’ main content buckets on Instagram include:

Mellodees’ rarely posts net new content on their Facebook and Twitter accounts; rather, majority of the content is cross-posted from their Instagram.

Most of the time, Mellodees’ also reuses the same captions across each platform; however, there are times where they will include links to their YouTube videos in their tweets.

Occasionally, Mellodees will upload full-length versions of their YouTube to their Facebook page.

Post #1, Post #2

Mellodees uploads their nursery rhymes to its Spotify account, with their most played song generating over 250K listens.

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