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October 1, 2020
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Key Takeaways

Content Marketing Tactic — Owned Blog to Boost Organic Traffic: Revolut’s desktop web traffic has increased by +8% over the past six months. Revolut derives 35% of their desktop traffic from Organic Search which is 2 times higher than the industry average of 17.5%. Revolut’s blog is a contributing factor to the high amount of Organic Search traffic as it helps Revolut build link trust and rank for keywords in the SERP. A blog is a great way to develop Organic Search traffic and rank for relevant industry keywords. Ensure that blog content provides value to customers and is not padded unnecessarily with keywords. 

Top-performing blog posts were related to COVID-19 — these articles focused on topics such as travel insurance as well as support for businesses and individuals. 

Content & Messaging — Geographical Customization & Trending Topics: Currently, Revolut is producing two versions of their blog to customize the content to different audiences. One segment focuses on article topics catered towards their European clientele, while the other blogs focuses on content for their US customers. This allows Revolut to serve the most relevant content to their different customer segments

Revolut’s also produces articles on trending topics such as upcoming Bitcoin cash hard forks or resources for individuals & businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

By segmenting their blog articles and focusing on topical issues Revolut is able to serve their audience the most relevant content. Consider the intent behind your content marketing and whether it is providing the most value to your customers.

Revolut has seen an +8% increase in Desktop web traffic over the past 6 months.

Desktop Web Traffic

Revolut’s desktop web traffic is driven heavily by Organic Search (35%), which is 2x higher than the industry average of 17.5%.

Percent of Web Traffic

One contributing factor to the dominance of the Organic Search channel is Revolut’s blog. The total desktop visits to Revolut’s blog have risen by +38% over the past six months and totals nearly one million visits. 

Blog Desktop Traffic

Revolut has structured their blog into eight different categories and includes an in-site search option for readers to look up topics of interest.

Revolut Blog

Over the past six months, the coronavirus category has received the second-highest amount of page traffic after the “all” category.

Percent of vlog Traffic
/all, /coronavirus, /product, /business, /community, /academy, /insider, /stories

The top articles in the coronavirus category focus on topics such as travel insurance as well as support for businesses and individuals.

Percent of Vlog Traffic
/coronavirus-travel-insurance-faq, /business-coronavirus-revolut-business-faqs, /business-coronavirus-advice-and-support, /coronavirus-im-self-employed-what-can-i-do, /supporting-you-during-the-coronavirus-outbreak

Revolut also has US versions of each category that contain information that is customized to their American customers.

Percent of Vlog Traffic
/en-us, /product-us, /insider-us, /community-us, /stories-us, /academy-us, /coronavirus-us, /business-us

The top articles over the past six months—by traffic—focus on Revolut’s Affiliate & Pioneer referral programs as well as their virtual card

Percent of Vlog Traffic
/home, /coronavirus, /revolut-affiliate, /international-money-transfers, /revolut-pioneer, /virtual-card, /disposable-virtual-cards,/what-is-an-iban

Through their vlog, Revolut encourages users to join their referral programs and get commission (as well as other perks) when people sign up through their referral link. Their Pioneer program is aimed at influencers, while their Affiliate Partner program is aimed at publishers.

Vlog #1, Vlog #2

Revolut’s Virtual Card allows users to make purchases online without having to own a physical card. The Disposable Virtual Card generates a unique card for each transaction to help improve security for the client.

Virtual Card

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