3 Ad Funnel Strategies Feals Uses to Drive Sales

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April 1, 2020

Key Findings

The majority of Feals’ ad spend is focused on Facebook & Instagram: Feals focuses on product benefits in the copy usually through the use of testimonial quotes that do not include the word “CBD.”

Feals engages with community questions on Facebook posts to educate & provide real-time answers: These answers then act as an evergreen FAQ for any future readers who may potentially have the same question

What Brands Should Be Thinking About

Focus Facebook & Instagram ad copy on product benefits to hook in the reader & entice them to click through to site to learn more, while circumnavigating Facebook’s CBD ad restrictions: Avoid any language that could be misconstrued as medical (e.g., cures, eliminates, heals, etc.) and instead use language such as supports, maintains, or helps to maintain. Since CBD-focused advertisements on Facebook & Instagram tend to get taken down, advertising on these platforms should come second to growing organically through customer engagement, quality content, and influencer partnerships.

Engage with comments on social media to provide value and build brand perception amongst your community: Consumer engagement is critical for building a strong brand perception on social media. Respond to comments, like/comment on posts you are tagged in, and even repost user generated content.

While the competitive set mainly focusing ad spend on Display, Feals only advertises on Facebook & Instagram. Feals increased Facebook spending by 40% from March to June. Feals pivoted in July & decreased Facebook spend by 52% MoM while increasing Instagram spend by 53% MoM.

Feals - Monthly Ad Spend

Feals relies heavily on their brand recognition as their Facebook ads do not explicitly mention what the product is or that it contains CBD. Rather, Feals uses testimonials to describe product benefits and entice viewers to click and learn more.

Feals - Facebook Ads
Ad #1 | Ad #2 | Ad #3 | Ad #4

Feals also replies to comments on posts which educate viewers when there is ambiguity about their brand and the product they offer. These replies provide value to the commentator and act as an evergreen FAQ for any future viewer who may have a similar question.

Feals - Comment Moderation

For example, in the thread below, Feals is able to educate the consumer on why their prices may be higher than usual, while simultaneously educating and winning over a slightly hostile consumer with links to information on their website.

Feals - Comment Moderation - Consumer Education About Pricing

Feals’ linking strategy is multifaceted. Most ads link to their homepage where customers click on the CTA “Get Feals” and are moved down the page to make their product selection.

Feals - Ads Linking Strategy
Feals Is Commited to Quality | Get Feals

Facebook ads also direct users to informative blog posts which outline different benefits of the product such as relaxation and anxiety reduction.

Feals - Facebook Ads - Blog Posts
Five Self-Care Tips Backed by Science | Ease Your Nerves With These Self-Care Tips

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